Southerners and Their Dogs

I’m so excited to finally announced a “pet project” by all definitions that Jess Graves and I have been working on for months…

Southerners and Their Dogs.

Tedo+Dogs 001Musician Tedo Stone, Conrad and Lady Bird 

FordFry_Dogs 002Chef and restauranteur Ford Fry, Shiloh and Boomer 

michael 002Chef Michael Gulotta and Cyrus 

Smith Hanes 003Designer Smith Hanes and Jack

This is a photo and writing project featuring the South’s most interesting men and women – chefs, musicians, writers, makers, designers, etc. – and their canine companions.

I’m so proud of the portraits we’ve created up to this point and there is so much more to come! We’ll continue to photograph, interview and update the site as we go (words by Jess, photos by me). Go check out the site for the collection thus far with photos and anecdotes by some of our favorite southernern fokls (some short, some long, some serious, some silly). And make sure to follow us on Instagram for more photos and outtakes!

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  • The Cutest House on the Block

    Location: Houston, Texas. We never know what neighborhood to claim! We’re somewhere between Upper Kirby and Montrose.
    Built in: 1930, and since then has continued to become more and more “charming.”
    Renters: Allyson, Maricarolyn and Christina (since Fall 2013) – all San Antonio natives.
    Decor inspiration: To be honest, we aren’t exactly sure what to say our design inspiration is. We have been really fortunate to “inherit” furniture, accessories and art from both our families…so I guess you could say that we have taken advice from the one-and-only Tim Gunn who famously challenges his design students to “make it work!”  
    Describe your place: Eclectic, colorful, cozy and we would hope inviting to all our friends!
    What we love most about this house: It’s just as they describe it above. We love how eclectic it is and vouch for it being quite inviting, especially when being offered a glass of wine upon entering. And of course, the bedroom turned closet.

    HoustonHouse 038HoustonHouse-034

    Front door wreath created by Christina and Maricarolyn’s mom.

    HoustonHouse 035Their gallery wall is a collection of trinkets from all their travels. The picture of red & gold dress is a sketch of Allyson’s mother’s coronation dress that she wore when presented during Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas in 1975-ish. The over-sized porcelain lamps belonged to Christina and Maricarolyn’s great-great Aunt whom they believed had impeccable taste.

    HoustonHouse 002The deer mount is Christina’s first shot and first kill. “We have named him Hank, and he is the man of the house.”

    house001HoustonHouse 004Chinese Calligraphy Paintbrush with Jadeite Handle – hunted down in Round Top, Texas.

    HoustonHouse 005HoustonHouse 009The blue, green, yellow floral painting was a gift to Maricarolyn, found at Round Top Antique Show.

    HoustonHouse 011Another object hunted for at the Round Top Antiques Show – the brass pineapples.

    house003The bar is an old armour that they installed lighting in to showcase our obsession with barware. The silver goblets were a gift from an estate sale. The etched Mexican wine glasses and hand-blown, beer glasses were purchased in Cabo San Lucas. The Martini glasses and champagne flutes were purchased in a pinch before an improptu NYE gathering.

    HoustonHouse 012The mini liquor bottles are a “vintage” collection bequeathed to the bar by Christina and Maricarolyn’s dad.

    HoustonHouse 015house005Built in’s with various books, picture memories and knick-knacks. “Also where we sit, sip coffee and watch the news every morning.”

    HoustonHouse 010Hop-Scotch down the hall “because Allyson is the best, most fun roommate ever!”

    house002“The closet came to be one afternoon when my mom was in town and I was lamenting about the size of the closets in ‘this old house’. One particular frustration I was having was that I felt as though I was not wearing as many of my clothes as I should be, simply because I could not see them. As I am sure most every girl can relate, we had been creative with storage for shoes, jewelry, special occasion pieces, etc. But that often meant they were in boxes way up high in the closet or stored under beds…out of sight, out of mind. As ideas tend to escalate quickly with me and my mom, we soon began to lay out what merging my bedroom with Maricarolyn’s and transforming what was my bedroom into a “walk-in closet” would look like. We thought it looked pretty good, so with a quick call for MC’s approval, the re-arranging began. A few rolling racks, jewelry bars, and an ottoman later…we had ourselves the closet room. It also didn’t hurt that Maricarolyn and I can share clothes, so although our pieces were kept separate, we were really able to combine our wardrobes into a space where we could see most all our options at once! We think it’s brilliant and it certainly makes getting ready in the morning a little easier!”

    HoustonHouse 027The old door was found at an antique store and now serves as a display for Marcarolyn’s necklace collection.

    house007HoustonHouse 028HoustonHouse 026Photo of Bill Cunningham: Taken by Caroline Fontenot (hey, that’s me!) on a trip to NYC. “Mr. Cunningham is a legendary street photographer whose passion is capturing the fashion that really comes to life on the street and off the runway. When I saw this picture, I thought what great inspiration to have in the closet room…to be encouraged and challenged to get dressed every morning with the idea that you just might capture the attention of someone so keen on fashion. After all, as Mr. Cunningham says: ‘fashion is the armor to survive everyday life’… and I agree.”


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  • Charleston Bound


    Bound for:
    Charleston, South Carolina

    Essential gear:

    Driving entertainment:

    Trip highlights:


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  • Music Monday | Jack Garratt

    Jack-Garratt-Tour-Exports-185-DAHPhotographed by Daniel Alexnder Harris

    Jack Garratt. This 22  year old British one-man-band is blowing me away right now. At first listen of this song – my favorite release so far – I thought “Hmm, he’s got a bit of an Ed Sheeran vibe to him…” But then it explodes – like I gaurentee you this guy will – and I was hooked and in love. He has that familiar London sound we’re all so in love (or should be so in love with). Idolator described him perfectly: “Blending fragments of R&B, rock and any other genre that springs to mind into his dense, multi-layered electronic soundscape, Jack Garratt makes music that defies easy categorization. That originality combined with his knack for literate, heartfelt lyrics has generated the kind of hype that can either make or break a new artist.”

    Stream: “Weathered”

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Right??? I highly recommend checking out some of his performances on YouTube. This In The Woods session of “Water” is one of my favorites.

    Keep listening…

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  • Drink This | Campari IPA Spritz


    The Drink: In a hunt for some fun ways to drink Campari the other day, I came across this recipe via The Kitchn. This is about as easy as it gets. Fair warning: You have to love Campari to like this cocktail. This is basically a Campari Soda with a hint of something else – them IPA hops tho. But if you’re a Campari Soda fan, this is a way for you to spice it up with a little more booze and to support your local brewery!

    Fill a glass with crushed ice.
    Add Campari.
    Slowly pour the beer.
    Squeeze lemon peel over to release oils, rub the rim of glass and drop her in.

    The Glass: Bar Taco rocks glass, Westide ATL.

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  • Music Monday | Tedo Stone

    My introduction to Tedo Stone was while photographing him during his performance of “To The Marshes” for The Love List Presents. I’m convinced that it very well may be one of the greatest ways to hear a musician for the first time. Enjoy a short interview with the crazy talented Tedo and don’t miss the video at the bottom.

    TedoStone 002-2
    TedoStone 008

    TedoStone 003
    TedoStone 007

    Raised in:
    Covington, Georgia

    Lives in:
    Atlanta, Georgia

    What can people expect from your upcoming album:
    Short, catchy songs with lots of crunchy guitars.

    What’s most inspiring you right now:
    I got Neil Young: Live at the Cellar Door record a few weeks ago. There’s something to be said about a song that can hold it’s own with just a guy and a guitar.

    Current favorite song:
    Captain Beefheart – “I’m Glad”

    TedoStone 013-2

    TedoStone 012

    Now would ya look at that:
    Tedo Stone in the Stave Room at American Sprit Works in Atlanta, GA.

     Filmed by Chris Bartelski & Michael ten Pas (The Reason I Love)

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  • Mercedes O’Brien

    MercedesPhotographed in Atlanta, GA

    Raised in:
    Army brat, so all over the U.S. I spent many years in Newnan, GA but consider Atlanta my home.

    Lives in:
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Favorite cocktail on your current menu:
    Tikicillin: Chamomile Scotch, lemon, Thai Syrup, Ginger beer concentrate, Yellow Chartreuse, Laphroaig, coconut.

    Last drink you ordered:
    50/50 Gin martini, 2 olives.

    Now would ya look at that:
    Meet Mercedes O’Brien, Cocktail Coordinator of Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow and Revival. She runs the cocktail program for Gunshow and consulted/built the menu for Revival. I snapped this while shooting the All-Girl Army: Atlanta’s Baddest Women Behind the Stick story for The Love List.

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