Christian Gideon

ChristianPhotographed in Savannah, GA

Raised in:
The Ozarks Region of Missouri

Lives in:
Springfield, Missouri

Favorite thing about traveling through the Southeast:
The area I grew up in isn’t necessarily considered the South but I’ve always seen it as the the gateway to it. We are a bit lazy with our vowels and “y’alls” are commonplace. I’m also a huge history buff – my ancestors came from Ireland in the 1760’s and landed in North Carolina and homesteaded in Tennessee before coming to southern Missouri in the 1860’s. I’ve always had a bit of family identity tied into the Southeast. Seeing those places I’ve read about in family history books only strengthened that identity.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Christian Gideon, an amazing photographer with a damn good heart.

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  • Music Monday | Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

    BSW_6870-2Photographed by Brendan Walters

    High School Caroline was obsessed with Something Corporate, her first introduction to Andrew McMahon‘s piano, vocal and songwriting skills. She loved all of their albums and still jams them, and not just for the nostalgia. End third person, move forward.

    I’ve been into every one of Andrew McMahon’s projects. SoCo, Jack’s Mannequin, and now his solo venture. It’s no surprise that I’d be into this new endeavor. In Billboard’s Exclusive Premier of the album, I learned that to write the album, he literally set off for the wilderness – a cabin in Topanga Canyon. “McMahon would write during the week and head home on weekends to be with his wife Kelly, who was pregnant with their first child. Their newborn baby, Cecilia, inspired the album’s second track, ‘Cecilia and the Satellite.'” The song mentioned is my favorite from the record, and even sweeter after reading him describe it – “I wanted to have a snapshot of who I was in the years leading up to meeting her.”

    I love this album in it’s entirety – it just gets better and better with each listen.

    Stream: “Cecilia and the Satellite”

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    iTunes | Spotify

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  • Take Me Home | Jess Graves

    I’m excited to share some of my favorite images I shot of Jess Graves‘ house, styled by Ginny Branch.
    You can visit Apartment Therapy to get the details on her beautiful living room and dining room!




















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  • Music Monday | The Common Linnets

    TCL Persfoto Tour high res

    Can’t get enough of this song from The Common Linnets. The band is the brainchild of Dutch singer-songwriter Ilse DeLange. Her goal was clear: to write genuine heartfelt songs inspired by such greats as Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash, as well as the West Coast sounds of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Fleetwood Mac.

    She’s succeeded.

    Stream: “Calm After the Storm”

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    iTunes | Spotify

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  • Cape San Glamp

    After a solid 4 years of Glamping in the cold woods we decided to mix it up in an effort to soak up as much sunshine as possible. On the last weekend of September, we drove south to Cape San Blas, Florida. We upgraded our 7 person tent to a 4 bedroom house. We replaced our flannels with gingham, puffy jackets with navy blazers, pumpkin beer with rosé, and dirt with sand. We added 2 new members to the crew and poured one out for our dear Allyson who wasn’t able to make it. And as always, it was epic. Summer forever.






    CapeSanGlamp010Peach State Pride tank.



    CapeSanGlamp014Caroline’s Mai Tai recipe.





    CapeSanGlamp026Smathers & Branson ‘Gaucho’ needlepoint flip flops.



    CapeSanGlamp023Volunteer Traditions Texas koozie.




    CapeSanGlamp030Move over, white shirts on the beach family photos. You just got gingham’d.




    CapeSanGlamp044Cheesy beach portrait session? Totes.




    SanGlamp01ENO’s Twilights came in handy for lighting up our beach bar.




    CapeSanGlamp056Peach State Pride ‘Shotgun’ shirt.



    CapeSanGlamp060Peach State Pride golf visor.


    CapeSanGlamp062Buffalo Jackson fishing shirt, Smathers & Branson flask.


    CapeSanGlamp085Some strangers asked if there was going to be a wedding. One of the girls joked that there was going to be a vow renewal, and the strangers asked if they could watch from their porch. So, to not appear as the liars we were, an impromptu vow renewal for us, led by Captain Matt, took place. He pronounced us “still married.”


    SanGlamp05Mark: Brooks Brothers blazer, Buffalo Jackson ‘Reagan Quote’ tie, TRIO shirt, Dockers ‘Alpha Khaki’ pants.
    Tig: Grandmother’s dress purchased in Hawaii.




    CapeSanGlamp072$4.25 blazer found at Goodwill, Buffalo Jackson ‘1st Republic Texas’ bow tie, Brooks Brothers shirt.







    CapeSanGlamp090Enjoy the Cape San Glamp playlist!

    Thank you to Peach State Pride, Smathers & Branson, Buffalo Jackson and ENO for contributing some of their amazing goods for the trip!

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  • Music Monday | Ánders


    Ánders stopped me in my tracks a few nights ago. This first taste of the 23 year old Swiss-Australian singer/songwriter is a good one. I’m expecting amazing things from his debut EP but for now, I’m listening to this over and over…

    Download both of Ánders singles for free here.

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  • Sturdy Brothers


    We love being introduced to solid products from the company themselves. I hadn’t even left the home page of Sturdy Brothers website before Ben and Spencer Young had me sold. They kindly reached out, told us a bit of their story, and put one of their beautiful products in my hands. I was blown away by c craftsmanship and loved the tag on it reading No:4/20. Batch:5. Crafted for: Caroline. Crafted date: 8/25/14.

    Learn about their story from Ben Young and then take advantage of their gift to you!


    Where y’all were raised and live now:
    We were raised in small town Tifton, Georgia. Spencer went to school in Milledgeville while I spent a few years in Raleigh, NC. We now live in Thomasville, GA. Spencer is an owner at Grassroots Coffee Company in downtown, and together we run Sturdy Brothers.

    Tell everyone about the company:
    Our goal is to rekindle a spirit of American craftsmanship in the South. We are working to provide quality goods for the hardworking people who make America great – those who still get their hands dirty. We believe we are called to lead a quiet life and work hard with our hands. Sturdy Brothers is our humble acting on this calling.

    What sets your products apart:
    Spencer and I both feel passionately about supporting local, American made products. However, our country has made the move to support outsourcing and the importation of lesser quality products. We wanted to play a small part in rediscovering what our country was built on, what made America great in the first place. Building quality products. Our exploration in craftsmanship focuses on products made to last a lifetime. We have built them with our sweat and blood in hopes that they will be used by the remaining craftsmen and women in our country.

    What inspires the line:
    Our heritage. We have looked to our grandparents to design products that give tribute to their hardworking lives. We wanted to make our products the way they would have been made in their day. We sew on a couple 1930s Singer machines, hand cut leather, and hammer all of our rivets, because we still believe things ought to be made with care and passion.

    What should we be looking out for in the future:
    We have a couple awesome products that will be released in the coming months! Recently we have launched an online marketplace which features local Southern makers and a variety of awesome goods. We have a pop-up shop for the month of September in Thomasville where we are selling these products. Hopefully, with some hard work, this can become a more permanent location. Stay tuned, there is a lot more making to be had!

    In this photo:

    A gift for y’all from Sturdy Brothers:
    Use code BKDWNSTH to get 10% off any Sturdy Brothers product!

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