Music Monday | Ben Khan


I’ve been playing this track from Ben Khan‘s 1992 EP like crazy. London based and 21, his music has been described as “glitzy R&B” and “neo-soul.” I’m digging it a lot and really looking forward to a full album.

Stream: “Youth”

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iTunes | Spotify

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  • Trask Giveaway


    Yesterday, you met Trask.

    Today, you get to throw your name in to get a chance and check ‘em out for yourself.

    Here’s what you gotta do:

    • Head over to their site and shop around.
    • Leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite pair.
    • That’s all!

    We’ll pick a winner by random on July 22nd around cocktail hour.

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  • Trask

    Trask is an American brand born in Bozeman, Montana. I get excited about anything Montana – though obviously not southern – it’s where my parents retired. I’ve come to love that state and so much of things that are made there (specifically some fantastic beers, and now, Trask shoes).

    They extended us the kind gift of picking out a few pairs and we love ‘em. They’re beautifully made, and most importantly, they’re dang comfortable. The Keira sandals (below) have been the only sandal I’ve worn since I got them.

    Jason Jones, the VP of product development, was kind enough to answer some questions about the company. Get learned.


    Raised in:
    Rockwall, Texas

    Lives in:
    Franklin, Tennessee

    IMG_7576Glacier boots

    Idea driving the start:
    Harrison Trask lived in Bozeman, Montana where he worked in the shoe industry his entire life. One day, while fishing in the Madison River in Yellowstone, he spotted Bison in the distance and wondered why footwear was not being produced utilizing the American Bison Leather. After a year of research and development, Trask left his executive position at an athletic brand and officially launched HS Trask. The initial brand values remain true today with a central focus on authenticity, independence, premium materials, heirloom quality and an outdoor spirit.

    IMG_7589Keira sandals. The only sandal I’ve worn since I got them. 

    What’s currently inspiring you:
    The Southwest region of the U.S. is particularly inspiring right now for its native American influences including artisan detailing, textural interest, and a rich earthy color palette. There are several global fashion trends rising now with emphasis on tribal prints and ethnic influences. I love the idea of incorporating these current trend influences through our unique American lens.

    IMG_7586Heath loafers.

    Anything new coming up with Trask you’d like to share:
    We just finalized our S/S’15 collections and are currently in early conceptual stages for the A/W’15 season. The initial prototyping phase is my favorite part of the design process, concepts become three dimensional, everything becomes fresh and new again.

    IMG_7645Haley woven sandal

    Make sure to come back tomorrow for your chance to get a pair…

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  • Music Monday | Thomston

    Thomston4Photographed by Josh Griggs

    There is so much more coming out of New Zealand that demands attention besides Lorde, who in my opinion, could use a little less. 

    Enter Thomas Stoneman, aka Thomston. He’s 18 and he’s cranking out some solid jams that he describes as “pop/r&b/electronic.” His latest EP release, Argonaut, meets every bit of that description topped off with some hip-hop vibes. It’s a tad dark, a tad catchy, and a lot of the sweet voice you hear in “Caffeine” (below) – my favorite track. 

    Here’s to hoping Thomston doesn’t stay in the shadows of Lorde for long, a place he doesn’t want be and doesn’t deserve to be…

    “Any New Zealander who releases pop music is instantly the second coming of the Lorde,” he explains. “I’m a fan of her and her music, but the comparisons are growing tiresome. Plus, I haven’t got Grammys so I’m like the lame, non-famous, less cool, and not critically acclaimed version of her.”

    I disagree with the lame and less cool part. Now, onto trying to get him famous…

    Download his Argonaut EP for free on Soundcloud | Stream on Spotify.

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  • All Blue Err’thang

    BluePhotographed on our street

    Raised in:
    Tomball, Texas

    Lives in:
    Jasper, Georgia

    Favorite BBQ spot in Georgia:
    Bigun’s BBQ in Talking Rock. Great ribs and it’s within 3 miles of our house.

    Now would ya look at that:
    Mark and our boy, Jed.

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  • Music Monday | How To Dress Well

    howtodresswellPhotographed by Tom Spray

    It shouldn’t be news to you how deep my love for good R&B jams goes. So when I came across Tom Krell, aka, How To Dress Well, I sort of lost it, and I couldn’t believe he’d been hiding from me all this time. His new album “What Is This Heart?” has just about everything I love wrapped in one incredible gift. And bonus points for having dubbing one of the best stage names in the game.

    Since my first listen a little over a week ago, it’s been my most played album by far. I can’t quit it. To directly quote Rolling Stone, his “velvet voice is at his best when he’s most vulnerable…His early recordings were grief-stricken and raw; subsequent releases have expanded and refined his sound without ever quite reaching the same heights. Krell’s third LP continues to elevate his R&B-inflected music into sonic clarity, though his emotions remain muddled as ever.” Velvet voice. R&B-inflected music. I can’t stop won’t stop.

    Stream: “Repeat Pleasure”

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Go jam What Is This Heart?


    Subscribe to Go Back Down South, a playlist of all the songs featured here.

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  • Peach Pecan Infused Bourbon

    This is a mini takeover with Jamie Clayton to teach y’all a litle sumpin’ sumpin’. He’d been going on and on recently about a peach infused bourbon he made, and then later another with pecans added. I took the oppurtunity on a recent trip to Nashville to head over to his house to first and foremost, taste it (YUM), and second, photograph the process so y’all can make some of your own.

    The rest of the post is written by him:

    My neighbors and good friends Stephen & Jessica own The Peach Truck.  Its an awesome business where they take peaches from Peach County, GA (I’m not kidding) and sell them all over Nashville and small towns across the southeast. Being from South Carolina, I’m partial to my peaches and I have to admit, these are some of the best damn peaches I’ve ever had.

    Another cool thing The Peach Truck sells is pecans from Pearson Farm. I decided this summer I would infuse some of my favorite whiskies with The Peach Truck peaches & pecans. It’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve made this summer. The ONLY problem is that the bourbon goes too quick.

    For how good it tastes, it’s incredibly easy to make…

    In an airtight container, add 4 peeled and cut up peaches (large chunks) and a hefty handful of pecans.


    Get a bottle of your favorite whiskey – make it something you would enjoy sipping neat or on ice. Pour the entire 750ml bottle of bourbon into your container. 


    Close that bad boy up and give it a good shake. Keep it in your fridge and give it a light shake once a day.


    Wait about 5-7 days and then strain your whiskey into a bottle. I used an old Bulleit bottle because lets be honest, they look badass.

    When you strain the bourbon, put a cheesecloth in a funnel and strain about 2-3 times. Your end goal is gorgeous bourbon with as little sediment as possible in it.

    EDITORS NOTE: Jamie just moved and in the process he lost his smaller funnel so he has been using this giant one. It did the job and did the job well.


    After you double strain your whiskey – you are good to go. Once you strain one, I’d recommend starting on another. Trust me. By the time you finish your first bottle you are going to be hoping you have another bottle ready to be strained.


    The end product is a bourbon with a nice subtle note of peach and pecan

    Pour into a double old fashioned glass over an ice sphere and garnish with a peach peel.

    Glass: Old Syndey Hale candle.

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