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I’m breaking the rules today, but just a little bit. Let me start by saying that I have listened to this album, almost exclusively, since I heard it in its entirety on Thursday evening. I’ve been a Lovedrug fan since early in college. My roommates and I sang “Blackout” from Pretend You’re Alive at the top of our lungs more times than I’d ever be able to count, doing our best to imitate his weirdly wonderful voice. They were just the right amount of emo for us at the time, more upbeat than our former favorites, but still ridden with lyrics that confused and moved us.

I don’t keep up with Lovedrug. For the past few years, they’d been a band who just came on my shuffle and brought back wonderful memories. Thanks to Spotify, they came back on my radar with their new album, Wild Blood. It took all of six seconds for their title track to hook me. After playing the entire album, I immediately started it over, already declaring it one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

So how am I breaking the rules? Lovedrug is from Ohio, y’all. This new album, however, was recorded by Paul Moak at The Smoakstack in Nashville. It’s got a southern touch, and that’s good enough for me today.

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Steam: “Girl”

This is the perfect rock-and-roll-meets-pop record. I had every intention of sharing one of the songs that fits that description perfectly, like “Premonition” or “Pink Champagne,” two of my favorites. However, the more I listened, the more “Girl” stood out to me. It wasn’t much more than a token acoustic ballad to me the first few times around. But then on Friday, driving into Atlanta, I found myself playing it again and again. Craving it, really. Something about the incredibly simple line “I spent thirty years not knowing you,” was so damn romantic to me. And, to be sappy for a second, my heart melts when Mark tells me I’m “his girl,” more so than when he says he loves me. This song is perfection, and I’m about to listen to it for the fifth time since starting this post.

Buy Wild Blood on iTunes or enjoy it on Spotify.
You can also download their EP Trilogiy sampler on NoiseTrade for free.

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    1. My friend Josh produced one of their videos. LD is the coolest.

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