Photographed in Knoxville, TN

Raised in:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Lives in:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Best thing about living in Knoxville:
The best thing about Knoxville (besides the southern girls) is the location. Deep down, I’m a redneck…I love country music, fishing, riding horses, and shooting guns. If you’re not into that you can go downtown, take the boat on the lake, head to the farm, or backpack in the mountains. Also, we’re close to Nashville, Atlanta, and the Carolinas if you want to skip town for a few days!

Now would ya look at that:

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    1. Hey- isn’t this the guy from DIY network? I thought I saw an episode of him cooking with Vanilla Ice. Nice outfit!

    2. @ Jen – yup, he sure is!

    3. Love the look ” CodyCam ” ! Check out his segment on DIY !

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