Photographed in Nashville, TN

Raised in:
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Top 5 meals in Nashville:

  1. Baja Burrito + Las Paletas popsicle. I recommend the Brisket Torta.
  2. McDougal’s fried chicken basket. Buffalo, Ranch, & Mcdougals sauce on the side.
  3. BBQ sandwhich with potato wedges + seasonal beer from 12 South Taproom.
  4. Anything from Arnold’s Kitchen. Ever. Best lunch in Nashville.
  5. Steak from Sperry’s. If you ever have money you want to spend on your girl. This is the spot.
    …Obviously I eat super healthy.

Now would ya look at that:
Jamie Clayton would have a glow in the dark bike.

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    1. I can’t keep reading this because I keep getting super hungry when I do. NASHVILLE MISSSS YOU.

    2. I wish Back Down South would tell us if these awesome dudes are single or not. Cause they totally should.

    3. carolinefontenot says:

      @Liz – he is totes single.

    4. he looks awesome! love that bike.

    5. Dude you must love Johnnny Mayer because your buzzing just like NEON NEOOOOON

    6. Spartanburg! I approve!

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