Christmas Down South – Day 2 – Ewin’s Dry Goods

If you’re like me (Caroline), a woman who drools over mens stuff, or a man that does the same, you may get lost browsing Ewin’s Dry Goods. The site, family run from outside Nashville, showcases solid Artisan’s lines with products offering a creative slant. From grooming to decorating, EDG has got you covered. We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and liquor. With that in mind, I’ve curated a little drinking kit in a cigar box for the lucky winner – what you see is what you get!

Hoping to stuff your stocking with these goods? Leave a comment with your favorite winter drink to be entered. A winner will be chosen at random on December 18th!

Check out the Back Down South Curated Gift Set – a collection of gifts to make you look great, smell great, and be great.


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    1. says:

      Can’t go wrong with bourbon.

    2. Hot Apple Cider

    3. Knob creek on the rocks!!

    4. The Snuggler – hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps

    5. Hot Toddy!

    6. Spiked egg nog.

    7. Coffee stout!

    8. apple cider!

    9. Hot Toddy

    10. Spiked and spiced Russian Tea

    11. Shiner Cheer!

    12. Ashleigh Lancaster says:

      Is there a better winter drink than a Hot Toddy, spiked Wassil, or good ole’ bourbon and ginger? (You didn’t say we had to pick ONE favorite)

    13. Any and all Christmas beers!

    14. Eggnog!!

    15. Something about a hot cider drink on a cold day. It just hits the spot

    16. The Brown Derby

    17. spiked egg nog

    18. Bourbon or Scotch neat or with 1 cube

    19. I love some hot apple cider spiked with Captain! So tasty. And I’m with you – boys get the best stuff :)

    20. Favorite winter drink is a nice hot toddy.

    21. Scotch

    22. Dwight Davis says:

      Egg nog spike with bourbon. Delicious.

    23. Bourbon with a splash of egg nog.

    24. Egg nog with a little bit of Grandpa’s old cough syrup

    25. Bourbon.

    26. Egg Nog!!

    27. Hot Apple Cider!

    28. My favorite holiday drink is a sparkling holiday mimosa with cranberries, champagne and amaretto!

    29. Bourbon.

    30. Keggnog. It’s eggnog in a keg.

    31. Tanner Williams says:

      Whiskey and egg nog. When my two favorite things come together you can’t go wrong.

    32. Cranberry and vodka

    33. Sarah Kane says:

      My boyfriend would love! We love Stonewall Jackson’s – apple cider and bourbon.

    34. It’s time for the hot cocoa, and the Texas Heat, no-no!!

    35. Yellowspot Irish Whiskey, neat

    36. How cute! The ultimate boyfriend gift!

    37. My favorite winter drink is hot chocolate or 18 year old whiskey straight up.

    38. Michael Douglas Martin says:

      Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine keeps me nice and warm!

    39. Katie Caperton says:

      spiked egg nog

    40. Hot chocolate with some Bailey’s.

    41. Megan Stribling says:

      Wassail punch! Cider, oj, cinnamon sticks, star of anise warmed then served with bouron.

    42. Honey Jack Daniels, ginger liqueur, soda water

    43. Jack Neat. That is an all year round favorite for me, but I find myself drinking it more during the cold months.

    44. patricia bergan says:


    45. Colin Forshwandivia says:

      I love me some bourbon cider and pumpkin rum lattes :)

    46. Bourbon, neat.

    47. Definitely an Old Fashioned (preferably from Contigo Austin)

    48. Rye, neat

    49. Spiked hot apple cider never lets me down around Christmastime.

    50. How fun! This winter, I’m digging Blizzards. No, not the Dairy Queen kind, but the kind that involves whiskey, cranberry juice, lemon and simple syrup. So delicious.

    51. Scotch rocks.

    52. Nothing beats an old fashioned. The orange bitters gives you a nice little kick while the rye whiskey warms you up.

    53. Nothing beats a Sam Adams Winter Lager.

    54. Eggnog!

    55. We’ve been enjoying a bit of the Hotty Toddy this winter. Helps soothe those sore throats!

    56. Egg nog with Crown Maple.

    57. Amanda Hicks says:

      Eggnog and rum!!

    58. Warm bourbon.

    59. Scotch whiskey toddy’s. The more peaty the better. Great site!

    60. Spiced cider with bourbon…

    61. NOLA style Bourbon Punch

    62. baileys served neat

    63. Jolie Sims says:

      Pear cider

    64. Keith Sims says:

      Maker’s Mark & ginger for me! Thanks!

    65. Hot chocolate…. Or whiskey, whateves.

    66. Jameson 12 yr old on the rocks usually, but this time of year it’s hard to beat a glass of egg nog.

    67. It’s simple. Cold Coors light, and a Bowl game on. Perfect.

    68. Whiskey on the rocks!

    69. Hot coco with the tiny-weeny marshmallows and naturally tons and tons of whipped cream! So much in fact one is left asking “would you like some coco with that whipped cream?” :)

    70. Hot Tennessee Toddy!

    71. Zach Ferguson says:

      Bulleit Bourbon in a glass, two ice cubes

    72. Apple Jack or whiskey, straight up.

    73. Dan Pedrero says:


    74. Bryce Carson says:

      Winter sangria

    75. Emily McMahon says:

      Eggnog Martinis have quickly become a favorite of mine this holiday season!

    76. Hot cider with spiced rum hits the spot every time

    77. Definitely bourbon, preferably Woodford Reserve or Maker’s with a hint of lemon and honey.

    78. The answer to this question is always a bourbon manhattan

    79. eggnog and bourbon!

    80. Definitely red wine! Preferably a cab.

    81. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale! Great seasonal.

    82. Soy Chai Eggnog Latte :)

    83. Bonnie Gumpman says:

      A hot buttered rum always warms my bones!

    84. There are so many good choices! Christmas Cookie Martinis, hot cider with vanilla vodka, Hot cocoa with Bailey’s, and winter sangria with cranberry. How could I choose just one! I will take them all!

    85. How do I choose? Apple cider with spiced whisky…eggnog…coffee & Bailey’s just to name a few! This set would be perfect for my boyfriend. (although I can’t deny I’d be tempted to keep it for myself!)

    86. Jeremiah Moore says:

      Hot Toddy. Perfect for the cold wind on the farm.

    87. apple cider!

    88. Brian Cromeens says:

      Apple Pie Moonshine….

      Legal means only… Just to delicious, put a little burn into the Holidays


      Love the site and the giveaway. Merry Christmas.

    89. My grandma’s homemade egg nog

    90. gimme a manhattan any day

    91. Sweetwater Festive Ale – simply the best!

    92. Bourbon on the rocks, with a splash of lemon.

    93. A hot toddy on a cold day is a family favorite!

    94. Charles Boudreaux says:

      Bourbon always Bourbon! Well unless its Scotch, then yes Scotch.

    95. Alex Hensley says:

      Real Hot chocolate with real milk and marshmallows.

    96. Lacey Deere says:

      Jim Beam and coke; from football season to February.

    97. Daniel Axtell says:

      Bourbon warms my belly

    98. Daron Nicole says:

      Tie between a dockside (frangelico, tuaca and coffee w/ whip) and a basic hot toddy with bourbon. mmmmmmmmm

    99. Becky Anderson says:

      Warm Coconut Milk with Hazelnuts, Honey & Bourbon! Nom nom nom…

    100. Here are some great drink ideas from Julia Reed’s article in Garden & Gun–

    101. Rare Breed on the rocks…

    102. Hot buttered rum – or just scotch.

    103. Jon Giddens says:

      Apple pie moonshine

    104. My favorite drink is the same year round: whiskey in a glass.

    105. Bourbon Cider

    106. An amaretto milkshake! But if I need to warm up, two fingers of bourbon will do.

    107. Anything with bourbon – especially a hot toddy! Bourbon, honey, lemon juice, boiling water.

    108. Whiskey / ginger ale / spiced cider

    109. Makers mark on the rocks. Clean and simple.

    110. Jonathan Boucher says:

      Irish coffee with Jameson, can’t beat it in the winter.

    111. Always Makers or Woodford.

    112. W.L. Weller 12 year bourbon, neat. Nothing better when it starts to get cold.

    113. Katy Kweder says:

      Favorite winter beverage would be my in-laws’ secret family recipe for Boilo, a whiskey-based moonshine concoction. I had to marry into the family to learn the recipe. The things we do for the love of booze.

    114. Jeff Hazelrigs says:

      Can’t go wrong with a a little Mexican Hot Chocolate with a splash of Bailey’s. Perfect for fireside sipping.

    115. Susannah Armstrong says:

      I love a sazerac anytime but also like bourbon and apple cider for holidays ;)

    116. Bourdon. Blanton’s or Woodford Reserve.

    117. I go for a Sazerac or Old Fashioned about 90% of the time.

    118. I got for a Sazerac or Old Fashioned about 90% of the time.

    119. A good hard cider can’t be beat :)

    120. Egg nog is always delicious at Christmastime.

    121. Adam wolfes says:

      Makers on the rocks for all year round.

    122. Christopher P. says:

      Bourbon. Approximately three ice cubes, then consumption. Best holiday drink.

    123. Sweetwater Festive Ale!

    124. I don’t have a favorite winter cocktail per se, but I enjoy a good champagne around the holidays more than usual!


    125. Mulled wine all the way!

    126. I prefer Fog Log Nog on a winter day personally

    127. Ryan McLoughlin says:

      Nothing better than drinking Hot Toddy’s with the family and watching It’s A Wonderful Life!

    128. Rich hot chocolate with Bailey’s.

    129. A good mug of spiked apple cider is always welcome on cold nights!

    130. I stick with my usual through the holidays, Makers on the rocks.

    131. Charles Harris says:

      Bourbon and cider for sure.

    132. Its a tie between hot chocolate with bourbon or just good bourbon neat. Always warms the body on a nippy night.

    133. JONATHAN GUIDRY says:

      A Sazerac does the job year-round! But I do love eggnog!

    134. A good homemade hot chocolate with a dash of peppermint schnapps…

    135. I love egg nog! Such a classic.

    136. Mmm I do love a good buttery nipple in the winter. Anybody else?

    137. Morgan Benjamin says:

      My favorite holiday drink is cinnamon whiskey along with spiced tea.

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