Christmas Down South – Day 3 – Hudson Sutler

When I opened my package from Hudson Sutler (c/o), I talked to myself quite a bit. Wow, Damn, That’s so cool, and Oh my gosh were all coming out of my mouth. Just me and my bag, in my kitchen, having a little love affair with my St. Simons duffel from the Hudson Sutler X WM Lamb & Son Collection. These are Made in USA goodness with ridiculous attention to detail. Grant Hewit, who started the company a year ago, shares some inspirations: “Guess who got a great bag from his father, only to have the zipper rust and leave it green? Hence the rust proof resin zippers. We hated fumbling around our bags looking for keys…insert zippered side pockets. We use 18oz canvas because our duffels are meant to be lived in. Beat ’em up, get ’em dirty, wash ’em and do it all over again. The patina will tell a story.” Add the various linings, which add personality and a pop of color, and we’re done for.

Sure, they’re based in the busy streets of New York City, but they fit right in down south. “We like to think our bags are a reminder of why we all rush around. Life’s about what you care about, and we hope our bags get you back to those passions.”

Want to have a love affair with a Hudson Sutler bag, too? Leave a comment on this post letting us know which commuter duffel you’d like to take on an adventure. A winner will be chosen at random on December 19th!


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    2. I would die for the Weekender. Great collection and great to use for commutes. Would love to have something so nice and great conversation piece.

    3. Love the St. Simon Commuter. Love the lining of these.

    4. Robie Sullins says:


    5. lee lankford says:

      the Biscayne!

    6. The Lowell.

    7. Lowell Commuter Duffel

    8. As a pointer owner, any with the cool lining, but I dig the Lowell the most.

    9. Thomasville

    10. Cheryl Kloesz says:

      I would love the Lowell Weekender Duffel!!

    11. The Lowell Commuter Duffel!

    12. I’d like the Bemidji Commuter Duffel since it looks like it’s the perfect grab and go bag.

    13. Sarah Easterwood says:

      The mackinac commuter duffel!!! This baby needs to journey the Midwest and show itself off!

    14. Would love the Apalachicola Weekender duffel.

    15. I would love to have a second bag from them. Great products

    16. the thomasville. bring it!

    17. The Burlington would be my pick because of that strong gingham lining.

    18. Margaret Jones says:

      I love them all!

    19. Haleigh Parmer says:

      Would love the mackinac commuter duffel!

    20. Ashleigh Lancaster says:

      I am digging the Hatteras Weekend/Commuter Duffel!

    21. The Hatteras Weekender duffel would be a great bag for weekends at home from school! Love the neutrals

    22. St. Simons

    23. Niantic all the way!

    24. The Lowell commuter for every adventure I take.

    25. The Hatteras Commuter is great

    26. I’d love to carry the Hatteras!

    27. Kendric S. says:

      The Hatteras Commuter would be a great carry-on bag for next year’s volleyball weekends

    28. Burlington would be great. Love the history.

    29. I can’t decide between the Niantic and Hatteras. They’re both classic!

    30. Would love that St. Simon’s Weekender.

    31. Truckee Weekender Duffle

    32. Either of the Lamb ones

    33. Lowell

    34. The Burlington Commuter is a great looking bag

    35. The Hatteras Commuter would be a great carry-on bag for next year’s football weekends

    36. St. Simons

    37. St. Simons Weekender!!

    38. Niantic!

    39. Steve Jones says:

      Niantic Commuter Duffel for me, thanks.

    40. I’d love to take the Apalachicola Weekender away with me! That pumpkin orange liner with pointers is a Southern classic!

    41. BURLINGTON COMMUTER DUFFEL, perrrfect for those long college weekend getaways!

    42. Ashley Pero says:

      Loving the St. Simons Commuter Duffel! Great color that goes with most anything.

    43. The Lowell Commuter has great colors.

    44. Tanner Williams says:



    46. Bryce Carson says:

      St. Simons Weekender duffle

    47. Olivia Joan says:

      I love these!

    48. Thomas Kallenbach says:

      Burlington Commuter Duffel.

    49. The MACKINAC WEEKEND DUFFEL is a great looking bag…


    51. Sarah Kane says:

      Love the St. Simons Weekender!

    52. St Simons

    53. St. Simons Weekender duffle.

    54. Niantic Weekender Duffel for this guy.

    55. My favorite winter drink is hot chocolate or 18 year old whiskey straight up.

    56. Michael Douglas Martin says:

      The Burlington Commuter! Looks perfect for camping trips.

    57. The Niantic commuter duffel! My brother goes to Auburn and it would be perfect for him!

    58. I’d take the Bemidji commuter to and from the tailgate every Saturday!

    59. The Lowell Commuter Duffel.

    60. Katie Caperton says:


    61. I love the Hatteras Commuter Duffel! I don’t have any nice bags to take with me on my planes to and from university, and this would be great!

    62. I love the lowell commuter duffel! My current duffel has just bitten the dust and I am in search of a new one.

    63. Becky Anderson says:

      If I can’t have the St. Simons (as it appears to be sold out), then my heart will be just as happy with the Lowell! Such beautiful bags!

    64. The Hatteras Duffel is the perfect color combination! Love it.

    65. I would absolutely love the St. Simons duffel or Burlington duffel!

    66. Jennifer in SC says:

      Truckee Weekender Duffle. Very nice stuff, Hudson Sutler.

    67. I retract my previous statement about the Weekender…and change it to the Lowell Commuter Duffel…I’ll read better next time. :)

    68. Megan Stribling says:

      I love the Lowell commuter duffel! Very into grey right now and also like the interior fabric.

    69. Megan Stribling says:

      I love the Lowell Commuter Duffel! Very into grey right now and also like the fabric on the interior.

    70. I love the St. Simons or Thomasville

    71. I love the St. Simons or the Thomasville!

    72. I love the St. Simons Weekender Duffel. These duffels are awesome!

    73. I gotta go with the Niantic Commuter. I eat up anything with Orange and Blue (War Eagle!)

    74. The Bemidji would be great!

    75. Niantic Commuter!

    76. Ashton Daley says:

      The Hatteras.

    77. I would love to take home the Bemidji Commuter Duffel!

    78. TRUCKEE WEEKENDER DUFFEL looks great!

    79. Colin Forshwandivia says:

      I want the Bemidji Weekender please please please :) I could have such great trips with that :)

    80. Claire Garst says:

      I love the Hatteras Weekend Duffle!

    81. The Burlington Commuter! I love the khaki and hunter green!

    82. Niantic Weekender Duffel looks awesome!

    83. Niantic Commuter Duffel is sharp!

    84. Morgan Benjamin says:

      I’m digging the Bemidji Commuter Duffel, represented the color of my college! …and I need a duffel so bad, haha.

    85. St. Simons Weekender!

    86. The Lowell Commuter Duffel

    87. The Lowell Commuter Duffel!

    88. The St. Simon is a perfect fit for those warm winter boat outings!

    89. The Hattarus duffel is a must for a weekend trip away. Great travel staple!

    90. Really like the Niantic bag; would be a great asset for my frequent short term travels!

    91. Loving the Bemidji Commuter Duffel – Maroon was my school color!

    92. Love the Hatteras Duffel! The tan and navy is fantastic!

    93. Love the St. Simons and Niantic weekenders.

    94. The St. Simon’s (because I love the print inside) or the CATALINA COMMUTER DUFFEL

    95. The St. Simons would definitely be my bag of choice.

    96. St. Simons weekender…my husband soooo needs this bag!!! LOVE it! It is perfect, just like him!

    97. St. Simons

    98. St. Simons Weekender Duffel would be awesome to have!

    99. St. Simons duffel for sure! Good lookin’ bag!

    100. I like the Mackinac bag.

    101. Burlington Commuter Duffel, please. Perfect gift for my brother!

    102. Nothing beats a good Sam Adams Winter Lager

    103. The Hatteras Commuter Duffel is sweet!

    104. The St.Simons and the Hatteras are both great! Having lived in SSI and being from Carolina they are clearly favorite adventure spots :)

    105. Burlington Commuter Duffel, Please!!! So cute & made in the USA!

    106. The Mackinac is amazing

    107. The Thomasville is quite nice! But I dig the Yorktown as well!!

    108. Amy Yarbrough says:

      Hands down it would be the Hatteras Commuter Duffel. I am loving the tiny American flag detail.

    109. Hatteras commuter bag, so i can have something to travel with on my weekend trips.

    110. Jon Giddens says:

      St. Simons!

    111. Love the St. Simon!

    112. I want the Hatteras

    113. St. Simons Commuter!!

    114. The Hatteras for sure! Always reminds me of my favorite beach – OBX!

    115. I’m torn! I love the color of the The Bemidji Commuter Duffel… but being from Georgia might have to go with the St. Simon’s!

    116. Gotta go with the Burlington!

    117. Hatteras please!!

    118. I love the Hatteras Commuter Duffel!

    119. Charles Boudreaux says:

      I must win this!

    120. I love the Lowell and Niantic! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


    121. Christopher P. says:

      I’m really liking the Burlington Commuter Duffel. I would love to have it.

    122. These are some great looking bags, since i have to choose one id take the Mackinac Commuter Duffel. Hope to win this one

    123. Jolie Sims says:

      catalina commuter, please! go dawgs!

    124. The Niantic Commuter Duffel looks sweet!

    125. Katy Kweder says:

      Love my Mackinac Weekender and been chomping at the bit for a Commuter…Think it would have to be the Lowell.

    126. Hatteras or St. Simons

    127. Keith Sims says:

      Definitely the Catalina Commuter Duffel under Last Call. Thanks!

    128. Thomasville weekender for my weekend trips to the mountains…

    129. Mario Halas says:

      Lowell Commuter FTW!!

    130. JONATHAN GUIDRY says:

      I love the Lowell commuter duffel!

    131. I love the mackinac!

    132. Alex Hensley says:

      St. Simons Duffel, because my wife and I grew up going to Sea Island and St. Simons.


    134. Def. the Hatteras

    135. Adam wolfes says:

      The st. Simons duffel bag because I live on the island and I love it!

    136. Adam wolfes says:

      The St. Simons Duffel, considering I live there. I love it!

    137. The Mackinac speaks to my Rebel heart!

    138. Love the Lowell Weekender Duffel!

    139. Susannah Armstrong says:

      This bag is AMAZING!!! Would love to win it!!

    140. Since I’m a Massachusetts’ guy it would have to be the Lowell bag.

    141. I love the Hatteras weekender (seems like everyone else does too! but the Yorktown weekender duffel is also awesome!

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