Christmas Down South – Day 4 – Nico and Lala

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and make the Yule-tide monogrammed. Today, we get swanky with Nico and Lala. Started in 2009 in Nashville, they’re now Chicago based custom designers, specializing in custom invitations, event branding, and gifts for the home and life. Both Southern born and bred, Nicole and Lauren show their southern style in each and every detail of their fabulous products.

Get your serve on with this custom tray (with whatever monogram you’d like, of course)! Leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite festive snack. A winner will be chosen at random on December 20th!


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    1. Susannah Armstrong says:

      Sausage balls!

    2. Ashton Daley says:

      My granmother’s chex party mix.

    3. Chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

    4. Leslin Ossoff says:

      Armadillo jerky squares!

    5. Are sausage balls festive? That’s my holiday fav!

    6. I love anything Harry+David around the holidays, and a good cup of apple cider. Yum!


    7. Who doesn’t love home-made Chex mix?! Mmm-mmm!

    8. Bourbon Balls!

    9. Definitely peanut butter blossom cookies!

    10. Russian Tea Cakes!

    11. Cheese straws; a cheese tray with homemade preserves and chutneys; and my Great Aunt Myrtle’s bourbon balls.

    12. Jennifer in SC says:

      Cream cheese topped with my home-canned candied jalapeno slices and Triscuits on the side.

    13. Christmas Cookies!

    14. Cranberry chutney or pecan tarts!

    15. I love smoked salmon and toast points. It is the one dish my mother always serves at our holiday cocktail party and it makes me think of Christmas.

    16. Katy Kweder says:

      Cheese ball and fancy crackers…yummm.

    17. I’ll second sausage balls! My favorite holiday treat!

    18. Katie Caperton says:


    19. My mother’s homemade cheese straws

    20. Anything chocolate or sweet!

    21. Morgan Benjamin says:

      The best festive snack has to be my grandmother’s Christmas seasoned pecans!

    22. Lauren Franklin says:

      Roasted chestnuts for sure!

    23. My mother makes the best sugar cinnamon pecans you have ever tasted!

    24. peppermint bark! so good.

    25. I love puppy chow we always make a huge batch around Christmas time and its so addictive!

    26. Christmas cookies, of course!

    27. I love any party food but sausage & cheese balls are my go-to this time of year!

    28. Anything bourbon tinged!

    29. Jessica Parsons says:

      Gingerbread cookies!

    30. sausage dip and “white trash”

    31. Definitely chex mix!

    32. Cheese straws, of course!!!

    33. Peppermint bark!

    34. Chocolates!

    35. Gingerbread cookies!

    36. Spiced nuts and/or bourbon balls!

    37. My aunt’s Chex Mix.

    38. My mother makes cocoanut squares covered in chocolate….amazing

    39. Sarah Kane says:

      Peppermint Bark! Yum.

    40. Meatballs!

    41. Jamie Montgomery says:

      white chocolate covered pretzel rods with spindles :-) nom

    42. A candy cane taken off the Christmas tree! And of course, eaten with great care to make the sharpest point possible :)

    43. I love pretzels covered in dark chocolate with sprinkles.. peppermint patties.. lots of favorite festive snacks

    44. Jon Giddens says:

      No bake cookies

    45. Bite-size crawfish pies!

    46. Bryce Carson says:

      Sugar cookies and buckeyes

    47. Christmas suger cookies

    48. Gingerbread man, nothing beats it.

    49. My Nana’s homemade chex mix

    50. Ashley Pero says:

      Nothing beats guac and chips for me — no matter the time of year!

    51. There’s nothing like s’mores toasted at home in the fire place next to the Christmas tree.

    52. S’mores in front of the fireplace next to the Christmas tree!

    53. On the holidays you can’t go wrong with a cheese and summer sausage tray! Great for snacking while watching football and movies!

    54. Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

    55. Snowball cookies.

    56. My Mother’s Oyster Crackers!

    57. Fudge (enough said)

    58. Chocolate covered pretzel rods!

    59. My Grammie’s fudge cannot be topped in my book!

    60. Puppy Chow!

    61. Peppermint bark :)

    62. Christmas Cheer-it’s an additive for coffee that makes spirits bright!

    63. Sarah Jane says:

      Homemade chex mix is always a hit!

    64. My fave Christmas snack is playfully called “Christmas crack.” A perfect mix of pretzels, corn Chex, wheat Chex, Cheerios, and M&Ms, all covered in white chocolate.

    65. My Grandmother’s Christmas cookies!

    66. A classic cheese ball!

    67. I always end up snacking on Christmas butter cookies and homemade spice tea. Light and simple, but so good!

    68. Haleigh Parmer says:

      For my family, you just cannot go wrong with good cheese and crackers!

    69. My favorite holiday snack would definitely have to be Kentucky Bourbon Balls – a true Southern treat!!

    70. Sausage and cheese balls

    71. Rum cake is by far my favorite festive treat. Love Nico and Lala!

    72. hot chocolate with piles and piles of whipped cream!

    73. Peppermint chocolate crinkle cookies!

    74. Cheese straws!

    75. lee lankford says:

      homemade chex mix

    76. Colin Forshwandivia says:

      I would serve everything on it :) I want itttttt

    77. Robie Sullins says:

      My wife’s puppy chow mix!

    78. My favorite would have to be gingersnaps with lemon custard to dip them in. Yum!

    79. Peppermint puppy chow.

    80. Spiced candied pecans! Or stuffed mushrooms…

    81. I like cheese balls

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