Christmas Down South – Day 6 – The Old Try

Today, we want to give you something to decorate your ho-ho-homes. The Old Try is one of our favorite companies we’ve come across…ever. We talk about them often and proudly hang their work from our own walls. Multiple walls. Starting in May 2011, Micah was homesick and heartbroken after seeing Alabama beat up after the tornadoes. That, mixed with a good bit of Willie Morris, made him want to do something to show that just because he’d moved away from the South, didn’t mean he didn’t think about her. “These are my love letters chronicling our long distance relationship.”

Pick a print, any print, and leave a comment letting us know which one you want. A winner will be chosen at random on December 21st!

Frame not included. Ask Santa for that.



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    1. Love this for my boys playroom! Gotta keep em polite :)

    2. Gotta go with Blue Skies. Orange and Blue Block Party is a very close second (War Eagle!)

    3. My husband is in the military and we move a lot. I’d love to have the “Blue Skies” print to remind me of home no matter where I am.

    4. Yes Ma’am No Ma’am – Going to hang it in my sons room so he’s reminded each day to be a gentleman.

    5. This would make a perfect addition to the walls of mine and my fiancé new house for our first ever Christmas in it.

    6. I’d love “Rocky Top”!

    7. This would be a wonderful new edition to mine an my fiancé new house for our first ever Christmas in it.

    8. Rachel trammell says:

      True north!

      Love it.

    9. Karli cook says:

      “Love Me SOme Jesus” needs to be the third print in my collection!

    10. WAHOOWA! Even told my gf I wanted it for Christmas, but I don’t think she listened.

    11. I’d love the yellowhammer print! I moved north of the mason dixon line a few months ago and wasn’t homesick until winter came and the Tide stopped playing. My apartment needs a good talking piece and I’d love to display such a nice print!

    12. LOVE the 12th Man one!!!!

    13. Rocky Top!

    14. Love me some manners even though I live north of the Mason Dixon line!
      Yes Ma’am No Ma’am all the way!

    15. Yes Ma’am No Ma’am, will hang with pride in the living room as a reminder to my northern friends of my southern roots. Also as a remiinder to the boy and girl….

    16. Laura Caroline says:

      I am in love with the Hark the Sound print! I’ve been swooning over it for months. Such a great reminder of my beloved alma mater!

    17. Love the Eyes of Texas! Such an awesome reminder throughout the year.

    18. Mill Graves says:

      Weep no more my lady!!!

    19. Would love to add Down Home to my home!

    20. I want all of them…But we’re currently trying to finish decorating our FROG (South Carolina term for a Bonus Room…stands for Finished Room over the Garage) so I’d choose the Anchors Away print to complete out collection of Navy items from my husband’s time in Annapolis & in the Navy.

    21. Since I already have Spruce Knob (WV), I would probably choose the manners print or Love me Some Jesus. I also love me some Old Try.

    22. yay! Love General Manners No. 1 -in blue! I really enjoy both these sites. Thanks!

    23. Ashley D. Coleman says:

      The Old/New South print…. hands down.

    24. I love Blue Skies, but the yellowhammer print is a close second :)

    25. General Manners No. 1 in Blue. My husband and I already have both Arkansas prints and it would be the perfect addition!

    26. I’ve been admiring Old Try’s prints for a while now. I plan to acquire all of the Alabama prints, General Manners, etc. I love the “Let The Band Play” (Dixie) print that is featured on Garden&Gun’s website as well…I’ll have to go with “Let The Band Play” or “Blue Skies” for my first print. Love their work!

    27. Yes, please!

    28. Would love the Manners print!

    29. nancy wall farrington says:

      Yes Ma’am No Ma’am for sure. It’s so Charleston. No matter how old you are.

    30. Charles Boudreaux says:


    31. Kristen Allen says:

      Yes ma’am, no ma’am, makes me feel proud to be born and raised in Kentucky and now be a resident of Alabama

    32. I LOVE their prints. I would want the Arkansas state flag print. It would be a great addition to my photo gallery!

    33. Shawn ONeill says:

      Yes Ma’am No Ma’am print says it all for south of Mason-Dixon!

    34. The Line

    35. Ashley Pero says:

      I love Summer, In Picture!

    36. I am loving the new NC print – Land of the Long Leaf Pine.

    37. Catherine G. says:

      Love, love, love the North Carolina “Hark the Sound” print. I’m a UNC alumna! Hark the Sound, Go Heels!

    38. The Lowders would love to add the Old/New South print to our collection for Christmas.

    39. Taylor Cain says:

      I’d love to win the Fort Moultrie print for the great state of South Carolina. There’s no better war story in SC than that of our beloved fort’s and the creation of what is now our state flag.

    40. Wahoowa or the Mason Jar!

    41. I have been wanting the yes ma’am no ma’am print for FOREVER. Would love to win!!!

    42. Emily Dunkle says:

      I love the new North Carolina one!

    43. The Ft Moultrie Liberty print is one of my favorites.

    44. Love the Fort Moultrie LIBERTY print!!!

    45. Kevin Cuthbertson says:

      Being a Rebel, I prefer the Gosh A’mighty print

    46. My wife would absolutely ADORE “Yes Ma’am No Ma’am” for her classroom at the child development center. Sign us up for that.

    47. Would love the manners print for my little guy’s room.

    48. Love these. And because I am a homesick North Carolinian, I love the “Carolina” print.

    49. I’m a georgia boy, gotta go with Wisdom, Justice & Moderation

    50. Love Old Try and the wisdom, justice, and moderation print!

    51. Yes Ma’am No Ma’am please and thank you!

    52. I’m not from the South–unless Southern California counts–but I do love Old Try’s prints. The one you have featured is one of my favorites. I don’t know if I’d hang it in my kids room or the living room. It’s perfect!

    53. New South print would look great in our bedroom!

    54. I would either choose General Manners or The Line. Love their stuff!

    55. Wisdom, Justice, & Moderation is one of my favorite ones.

    56. This one goes back to the basics – love it!

    57. I love the Honey Suckle print.
      In the throes of new england almost-winter, it reminds me of the not-so-long-ago summer.
      All hail Old Try.

    58. Allison Gruehn says:

      Mannrers–we all need a reminder now and then!

    59. Jamie Montgomery says:

      I love the summer, in picture… love a mason jar!

    60. I would pick Summer in Words. (Thought I love Fort Moultrie as well!)

    61. WEEP NO MORE MY LADY would be my choice. A friend has it on his Christmas wish list, it would make a great Christmas gift.

    62. Michelle Smith says:

      Yellow hammer – my husband is a huge Alabama fan and would be the perfect way to send good luck in the national championship game.

    63. Michelle Smith says:

      Yellow hammer – my husband is a huge Alabama fan and would be the perfect way to send good luck for the national championship game.

    64. “The District” – to go with my Alabama print… two places I’ve lived in and love.

    65. I love them all, but my favorite has to be General Manners No 1!

    66. Old Line State would look great on this Maryland grad’s wall!

    67. I am a Man of Letters – Love Old Try and would love another print!

    68. Michael Douglas says:

      I’d love the “Love me some Jesus” print.

      Merry Christmas to you!

    69. “Dinner &” …need something for my kitchen.

    70. Yes Ma’am No Ma’am, please :))

    71. Love Old Try! Would love to have a “Yellowhammer” so I can have a lil Rammer Jammer up here in Colorado. Roll Tide!

    72. Blue Skies. Gotta love Alabama

    73. The orange and white checkerboard. I’ve been eyeing it for a while.

    74. KATHERINE ORR says:

      I have already purchased the Tennessee State flag print, but absolutely love the print “Yes ma’am, No Ma’am”……

    75. Rocky Top! Gotta show my new found love for Nashville, TN!

    76. I already asked for “Weep No More…,” like a good Kentuckian, but I love the dinner prints. I’ve got my eye on the Chicken and Waffles!

    77. I love weep no more my lady for my husband! He’s a KY boy!

    78. Montague Totten says:

      “Forever to Thee” GO COCKS!

    79. Daniel Axtell says:

      “Yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir, Please, thank you.”

    80. I adore The Old Try! They have definitely captured the essence of living in the South in their prints and their designs, and even their checkout process has little bits of “Southern-isms” thrown in! I just love it! (Bless their hearts!) :)

      Being a Georgia girl, I’d love the Georgia flag print, the “Wisdom, Justice & Moderation” one. I know it might be a touchy subject, but I think the print is beautifully rendered! Thanks y’all!

    81. Jon Giddens says:

      S. Carolina “Hope”

    82. I love “The Line”!

    83. Love these prints, especially the South Carolina one and the Yes Sir No Sir!

    84. It is so hard to choose one! I love them all, especially the General Manners No. 1. Just perfect.

    85. “Yes Ma’am No Ma’am”! I’m in college on the West Coast and I miss manners!

    86. Has to be the Fort Moultrie print!

    87. Please pick me!
      I would love to have the longitude/latitude Mason Dixon line print. A must have in a true Southern home!!

      Thx, MV

    88. Representing my home state of FL, so would love ‘Sawgrass&Sky’. I already own ‘General Manner No. 1′ and I love it!

    89. Love the District! Or Old Dominion. DMV represent!

    90. The Fort Moultrie print in the South Carolina category!

    91. Any of the ampersand sets in the “Etc.” category! It wasn’t until this past July that my father-in-law and mother-in-law introduced me to chicken & waffles at our farewell wedding reception in NC. Needless to say, I fell in love with the southern delight and it will be a tradition in our home for years to come! The prints would make a lovely statement in our little San Francisco apartment kitchen that currently has no wall art (and it will remind us of home while being so far away). Thanks, y’all! Go Heels!

    92. Melanie Tapp says:

      I adore the “Love me some Jesus” print! I thought it was just my friends who said this, I didn’t realize it was truly a southern thing! Makes me even more proud to be Southern!

    93. I am loving the Alabama block party print in Crimson of course!

    94. Old south New south

    95. Love the “Yes Ma’am No Ma’am” print! It’s always a great reminder of being polite :)

    96. i sure would love the “while I breathe I hope” Print from SC!!!!

    97. I NEED one of these prints! any of these would surely be fantastic! But the one I want is the Grand Old Party, that one is just awesome!

    98. True North.

    99. I’ve had my eye on the Fort Moultrie print for some time now. I would love to have a little bit of South Carolina with me in my new home 15 hours away

    100. Love the Weep No More, My Lady Old Kentucky Home Print! Too cute!

    101. Summer, In Words.

    102. Love the Resurgens print and the history behind it!

    103. Yellowhammer! It’s the state bird and the BEST gameday drink. Next time you’re in Tuscaloosa, stop by Gallette’s on the strip and have one or a few. It’s recipe is a secret but I was able to get my hands on it. Oh and it’s cheer but I don’t care for it…War Eagle!

    104. I would love the “Dinner &” print with Grits and Gravy.

    105. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time, buying prints for my family members but I have yet to get one for myself. I am out in Wyoming and would love an “8 orange squares” print to put on my wall out here. Go vols and God bless the South!

    106. True North

    107. I love the “What Folks Are Made Of” Sugar and spice one! It was closely followed by grand old party and yes ma’am

    108. Manners print.

    109. M X 1 Mississippi print

    110. I like Old New South.

    111. Suzanne Hammontree says:

      I would like either the “sugar and spice” or the “snakes and snails” and if I win one, I want to purchase the other. I have two wonderful grandchildren–a girl and a boy–and all of us are Southern both by the Grace of God and by birth!! Actually I love all your prints.

    112. PreppyCowgirl says:

      yes ma’am…yEs sir….PURTY PLEASE!!!
      love BACK DOWN SOUTH!

    113. Yes ma’am, yes sir- manners. With all the running around and hubbub during this festive season so many forget little things like manners.

    114. Steve Jones says:

      “Summer, In Words.”
      “Honeysuckle, Lightning Bugs” are likely my two favorite uniquely Southern things.

    115. Love to get the manners print. Great to have to remind us all to me more polite in times like these.

    116. The Fort Moultrie print is my favorite!

    117. I love the lightning bugs in the mason jar.

    118. Love the “27″ Florida print!

    119. Scott Kidd says:

      Texas- Bonnie blue!

    120. I’d love the 39° 43′ print. I’ve already got the shirt, and my heart sits essentially on the Mason-Dixon.

    121. Love them all!!!! …but gotta go with the Love Me Some Jesus.

    122. The “‘Til Gabriel Blows His Horn” Print! I’m a law student at UT and a native Texan and I need something to hang in my house to go with all of my Alabama memorabilia from undergrad.

    123. S. Carolina Hope print Go Cocks!

    124. Jonathan Guidry says:

      Anchors aweigh would look great in my new house!

    125. Hmmmmmm…Gotta go with the Purple Cross Cutaway in slim fit. Wait…yeah, I’ll take that one.

    126. Alabama Block Party (in crimson of course)

    127. Love the General Manners

    128. This Tennessee girl would love General Manners No. 1 in red for her NYC apartment!

    129. Oh man my mom would be so proud if she new how badly I wanted this

    130. I want the Old Dominion print from the Virginia line!

    131. Em I crooked letter

    132. Would love the manners print for our kids’ room.

    133. Texas, 1836!

    134. the “Free Republic” print from Tennessee. Can always use more patriotism. Thanks!

    135. Grand Old Party…absolutely LOVE it!!! Merry Christmas :)

    136. Love. all. of. this. As a middle school teacher the General Manners needs to be prominently displayed in my classroom!

    137. Brian Cromeens says:

      My Wife and Mother in Law bought me the Texas Republic Flag Print for my birthday. It looks great. I really enjoy Old Try’s products and would be pleased to have any of their prints…

      My current print crush is the Twelfth Man Print….

      Thanks and Gig’em

      Keep up the wonderful work.

    138. I’ve got the Yes Sir one hanging in my sunroom – love it!! Now I want Hot Toddy, Gosh Almighty. Makes me think of a cocktail right now or a little bourbon!! Love living in the South!

    139. I am OBSESSED with The Old Try. My favorite is the Sweet Home print. I would love to have it!

    140. The Anchors Aweigh print would look killer in my living room

    141. I love anything by Old Try! My favorite is the “Down Home” print.

    142. So precious! Love it!

    143. love them all! but really love the tn state flag print and the general manners prints!!

    144. I truly love the artwork, “New and Old South”!

    145. Loving the “Old Dominion” print!

    146. Robie Sullins says:

      Tennessee print. Any Tennessee print.

    147. any north carolina print

    148. The Florida flag print needs to be hanging in Denver.

    149. Ashton Daley says:

      I have to pick just one! True North is definitely the next to go on my walls.

    150. Yellow Dog!

    151. Keith Sims says:

      General Manners

    152. Jolie Sims says:

      love me some Jesus

    153. I love the “resurgens” print…seems like a good thing for all Atlantans to have.

    154. Katy Kweder says:

      Summer, In Words…

    155. Thomas Perkins says:

      Texas, 1836

    156. I would love the State Flag of Florida print.

    157. Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

    158. LOVE the Grand Old Party print!

    159. Ashleigh Lancaster says:

      I already have one SC print, but my eyes are on “While I Breathe, I Hope” Next!

    160. Ryan Green says:

      I love those Maryland prints. I’d like to add the “Old Line State” to my collection.

    161. Justin Hoppock says:

      Yes Ma’am
      No Ma’am
      Yes Sir
      No Sir
      Please, Thank You

    162. The Line, please.

    163. Haleigh Parmer says:

      the anchors aweigh or the compass would look great in my house!

    164. I adore this company’s work; I have ordered several times for gifts. I would love to win the General Manners print for my boy’s room or any of the state of AL prints to remind me of home.

    165. Highway

      a glorious 8 hour stretch of plantations, sugar cane, cotton and fried chicken.

    166. This displaced Virginian would love to hang Old Dominion in my office.

    167. ‘Til Gabriel Blows His Horn …. period, end of paragraph

    168. Trey Keenan says:

      A Yes Sir… Yes Ma’am poster would be great to keep these rugrats in line :)

    169. A Southern girl to the core, I’m stuck in school in the north – “The Line” print would be the perfect reminder of home!

    170. I love “The Line”! Merry Christmas!

    171. Being a Tennessee native who has also lived in Maryland and Louisiana, it was a hard choice for me to make, but I choose ROCKY TOP!

    172. “Yes Sir, No Sir” – a reminder to my children to “act right!”

    173. Ginger Turnbough says:

      Yes Sir, No Sir, Please, and Thank You are always appropriate!

    174. Weep No More My Lady

    175. Summer, In Picture

    176. I love the General Manners No. 1 and The District!

    177. Mason jars with lightin’ bugs, please!

    178. Grand Old Party! Love The Old Try products.

    179. Summer, In Picture is amazing

    180. Eight Orange Squares would be my pick!

    181. The Old Line State

    182. i love the “Dinner &” print, it would look great in my kitchen~

    183. Godspeed would be a nice bookend to my Old Dominion print

    184. Hope

    185. deb-u-naunt says:

      Yes Maam, please!

    186. The Maryland flag! Best state in the union.

    187. The Gosh A’mighty print for my fiancee, a die hard Ole Miss fan!

    188. I’d pick one of the Kentucky prints! Probably Weep No More My Lady in Blue!

    189. Summer, In Words!!

    190. Would love “Man of Letters”. Hotty Toddy!

    191. Yes Ma’am.

    192. General Manners #1 in red – a southern tradition

    193. General Manners #1 in red == perfect for my sons room

    194. Jennifer in SC says:

      Love the Ft. Moultrie

    195. Jennifer in SC says:


    196. Sonya Houston says:

      I like the “While I breathe I hope” print.

    197. Keith Dycus says:

      “Sugar & Spice” for my Daughter who will be here in March..

    198. I love the Mason Jar “Summer in picture” print but I love all of the NC prints

    199. Claire Garst says:

      Even if I don’t win, I’m definitely getting the Kentucky Weep No More print!

    200. TN Flag

    201. I love the honeysuckle/lightning bugs! They’re all great — thanks for letting me know about this company!

    202. Either Ft. Moultrie or general manners

    203. lee lankford says:

      general manners in blue, would love for my boys room!

    204. Colin Forshwandivia says:

      Honey Suckles & Lightning Bugs

      I love them and have been asking for a few prints for Christmas :)

    205. Would love to have “General Manner No. 1″ in Blue to hang in my classroom. Just started a Southern Lit class at our high school, and the importance of manners relative to the Southern experience has been a semester-long conversation. Vital to the beauty of the South.

    206. Will Higdon says:

      I would love Summer, In Picture

    207. I love Blue Skies! Im just glad I found these prints!

    208. Seth Palmer says:

      My pick would be “Carolina”

    209. I’d love to have the “Sawgrass meets the sky” print. Great print representing my native Florida!

    210. 12th Man. Gig ‘em.

    211. I’d love to have Blue Skies to represent AL up here in Baltimore!

    212. I love the Manners print and the “Love me some Jesus” print. Great giveaway – thanks. And I love your blog – check in every day.

    213. “Eight Orange Squares”

    214. Would love a Carolina to hang in our Southern home.

    215. “Old Line State.” Maryland pride, and our flag is beautiful!

    216. I love the “General Manners no. 1″ print. :)

    217. WANT

    218. 12th Man, please!

    219. I love the “Em Eye Crooked Letter” poster.

    220. Hark the sound! My alma mater and always in my mind!

    221. I love The Old Try and would love the General Manners No. 1 in blue!

    222. General manners no 1

    223. Bull city!

    224. The Hark! print is great. Go Heels!

    225. The Line! Love it!

    226. Foxtrot Lima! Miss my Florida Home!

    227. Jessica Richardson says:

      Well I’d have a hard time deciding if I should share my luck with a friend (gosh A’mighty) or keep it for myself (rocky top)!

    228. “12th Man” print is amazing!!! Whoop!

    229. Yellowhammer! It’s beautiful!

    230. Charleston is the dream place to settle down with the fam, so “While I Breathe I Hope” is pretty much our mantra.

    231. As a Tennessean, I already own “Eight Orange Squares” & “Rocky Top.” My law office could definitely use some more manners so I would add “General Manners No. 1″ in blue to my collection. Merry Christmas!

    232. love carolina and hark! but general manners no. 1 is tops. i’ve been thoroughly enjoying my high cotton shirt – what a great collaboration!

    233. Love me some Jesus! Tough to choose, but I wouldn’t hate winning that one. Merry Christmas, y’all.

    234. Please! Just moved back home (TN) from NY and could *really* use this awesome piece. Keep up the good work, btw.

    235. Gotta love “General Manners No. 1″. Thank you ma’am.

    236. Blue Skies!

    237. Would love the “Summer, In Picture” print.

    238. “Yellowhammer”

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