Christmas Down South – Day 7 – Atlanta Steeplechase

Giddy up giddy up giddy up, let’s go…to the 2013 Atlanta Steeplechase! The 48th Annual Steeplechase is on April 13th and we’re giving away A Subscriber Tailgating package. Amid a sea of tailgates, these tickets are near the kids corral, food vendors, shopping, petting zoo, and most importantly, Steeplechasing! Infielders say this is the place to be. Come with friends and/or family and then you may renew your package year after year*. The package up for grabs includes six tickets and a reserved parking place along the homestretch…a $280 value!

If you were one of Santa’s nine reindeer…who would you be? Comment and let us know to enter for your chance at the tailgating package. A winner will be chosen at random on December 22nd!


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    1. Ashley Pero says:

      Today I’m feeling a little Vixen!

    2. Amy Sievert says:


    3. Blitzen. My favorite.

    4. I’d be dancer :)

    5. Rudolph, of course!

    6. I would be Prancer :)

    7. Comet, for sure

    8. Comet

    9. Brian Cromeens says:


    10. Susannah armstrong says:

      Vixen ;)

    11. blitzen

    12. Katie Caperton says:

      Totally Dasher

    13. Blitzen :)

    14. Charles Boudreaux says:

      Its a toss up between Pedro and Dasher.

    15. Victoria Schneider says:

      Dancer, I would be the loud one on the roof breaking it down. ha

    16. Vixen! ;)

    17. Definitely Blitzen.

    18. Prancer, y’all.

    19. Jolie Sims says:

      Probably Prancer!

    20. Keith Sims says:

      Blitzen! Definitely Blitzen!

    21. Cupid!

    22. Blitzen

    23. blitzen of course

    24. Rudolph, because when I was younger I was often teased for being different, but now I have just graduated from the top school in my state and will be starting law school next fall. So just like Rudolph I went from teasing and people not believing in him, to go on and do big things!

    25. Rudolph

    26. Comet

    27. Marcus Huskey says:


    28. Dancer, for sure!

    29. Marcus Huskey says:

      Fingers crossed for the Steeple chase package.

    30. David Penland says:

      Blitzen, that name is pretty great

    31. Comet just feels right.

    32. Sarah Jane says:

      I would be Prancer!

    33. Blitzen…he has the coolest name.

    34. Vixen ;-)

    35. Donner fasho….. Not even close haha

    36. Blitzen!!

    37. Dasher!(:

    38. I’ve always thought of myself as a Prancer!!

    39. Blitzen!

    40. Dasher, no doubt.

    41. Comet sounds about right for me.

    42. Rudolph…I lead the way!

    43. Katy Kweder says:

      Dasher, most likely.

    44. Ashleigh Lancaster says:

      After seeing your photos from last year’s Steeplechase- I really want to go this year!!

      And if I were a reindeer- I’d definitely be Dancer. Love to cut a rug!

    45. Vixen definitely suits my personality!

    46. Dasher

    47. Donner! B/c nobody has said him yet. :)

    48. Prancer for the win!

    49. Blitzen

    50. Daniel Axtell says:


    51. No doubt, Prancer.

    52. Blitzen!

    53. Dancer! I’ve danced Ballet, Flamenco, and Modern my whole life.

    54. Prancer because he is a great dancer

    55. Comet

    56. Prancer

    57. Blitzen

    58. Keith Dycus says:


    59. Dancer!

    60. Dan Pedrero says:

      Well that’s easy, Blitzen!

    61. Dancer

    62. Blitzen, duh.

    63. I’d have to go with Dasher.

    64. Blitzen

    65. What a GREAT prize! I’d say Vixen, I always picture this adorable embroidered towel with a girly skirt-wearing eyelash-having reindeer.

    66. Comet, such a great name in general!

    67. Dasher- love the name!

    68. Comet

    69. Definitely Blitzen.

    70. Steve, the classic reindeer from The Santa Clause.

    71. Dancer.

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