The 12 of 12

Yes, it’s Sunday, and don’t I blog about music on Monday? Yes, yes I do. And there is something good coming at y’all tomorrow, but I couldn’t let this year wrap up without doing this. What we have here is my twelve favorite songs of 2012. It was such an amazing year of music, and choosing less than fifty songs was nearly impossible, but challenge accepted…and challenge complete. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up” This is the first song released in 2012 that brought me to tears. It’s some of Mraz’s best work and easily the best song off Love is a Four Letter Word. Marriage. Anthem. The key for this one was to not let the radio murder it for me.
  2. The Lumineers “Ho Hey” I think this would be on most peoples Best of 2012 list. The Lumineers deserved all the hype they received this year, and I’m excited to see what they create in the future.
  3. Usher “Scream” If loving this song is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Since Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” I’ve had a fear of there never being a pop song to top it. Ursher-baby has made something that comes quite close. Inappropriate pop goodness at it’s best.
  4. Glen Hansard “High Hope” I’ve got a thing for Irish singer-songwriters, and Glen Hansard is one of my favorites. I fell in love, as some of you may have, watching Once. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, rent it. Now. I’ve got a couple favorites from Rhythm and Repose, but this one holds #1 for me. For best listening, play it loud after a bourbon or two late at night. It’ll pull your heart right out. Then listen to the song right after that, “Bird of Sorrow,” and top the emotional experience that Glen is offering you.
  5. All Sons and Daughters Oh How I Need You” One of the best worship songs from one of the best worship albums to be released this year. I love everything the duo behind All Sons and Daughters does and was eagerly waiting for this release. It did not disappoint, and it was the first song I played every morning for the first few weeks after it came out.
  6. Mumford & Sons “Hopeless Wanderer” Remember when Twitter and Instagram exploded the day Babel was released with photos of the album cover? It was annoying…but it was worth it. I was worried about the release, expecting it to be incredibly overrated with “OMG NEW MUMFORD!!” Tweets. I was so wrong. Windows down, Johnson City to Jasper, I gave this album all of my attention, and it gave me more than I could have expected.
  7. Justin Bieber feat. Drake “Right Here” I love Bieber and you can’t stop me. I also love Drake. When the Believe singles started to be released, I loved them all. Each one became my new favorite. But then the album came out, and Bieber and Drake’s took the gold. Gold, I say!
  8. The Dirty Guv’nahs “Dear Alice” I was driving through the Texas hill country when I listened to The Dirty Guv’nahs Somewhere Between These Southern Skies album the day it was released. It all sounded good, I was into it. But this song…this one tore me up. My best friend and I repeated it over and over for the remainder of our drive. “Show me some mercy, ’cause I’m hurting for hurting you…” And then when it explodes at 2:58. Chills, every time. This list is in no order, but I will boldly declare that this is my favorite song released in 2012.
  9. Lovedrug “Girl” I shared this song back in March after Wild Blood came out. You can read all about why I love Lovedrug and “Girl” here. So, so good.
  10. David Ramirez “Stick Around” David Ramirez was one of my first Music Monday posts (read here). Apologies is one of the most honest albums I’ve ever heard, and David continues to be one of the best singer-songwriters who calls Austin, Texas home. This song is perfect.
  11. Sleeping Bulls “Dido’s Report” Another song I shared this year (read here). I think it’s just so damn beautiful.
  12. Sanders Bolkhe “Nearly Summer” Last, but certainly not least, Sanders Bolkhe. I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Sanders (here) and I’m so in love with his music. This is the third time I’ve written about him here, so it’s gotta be true. “Nearly Summer” held me over until he released Ghost Boy, which you should buy right now. I just adore it…cranked…”Oh it’s you and me, honey…”

Listen to The 12 of 12 on Spotify.

What was your favorite song, or album, of the year?

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    1. Top albums in no particular order:

      Trampled By Turtles, Frank Ocean, Of Monsters and Men, Sara Watkins, Lord Huron, The xx

      Top Tracks:

      Of Monsters and Men–Little Talks
      Lord Huron–She Lit a Fire
      Ke$ha– Die Young
      Frank Ocean–Thinkin Bout You
      The xx–Angels

    2. DANG. It just took me the better part of the day to figure out Spotify (and why, if I couldn’t sign up with my email because it was “already in use” that they couldn’t send me a password because “user didn’t exist” …?) But I am glad I did. You have the best taste in music.

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