Photographed in Shellman’s Bluff, GA

Raised in:
Born in Ft. Worth, raised on the state line of Georgia/Florida.

Lives in:
Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite place to grab a beer in Atlanta:
In my neighborhood, I love to sit bar side at Holeman & Finch. Five bucks gets you a cold Ommegang in a glass.

Now would ya look at that:
You should know JNG by now, as this is her fourth appearance on the blog (but who’s counting?) Jess road tripped with us to Shellman’s Bluff for a wedding I was shooting, and she was attending. We had a little downtime before the ceremony to enjoy a beer, and had no complaints about it.

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    1. hot

    2. As a fellow Southerner, I must say I love your site! It’s so cute, I will most definitely be back!

    3. oh hey!

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