On October 26th, we Glamped. Same crew, new location, better bar menu, cheese plate, wine selection, quinoa chili, one tent, midnight snacks, and on and on the Glamping goodness goes. This is hands down one of the best nights of our year every year, and we strongly encourage the rest of the world to start their own Glamp Train. Enjoy a little video, some favorite photos, Caroline’s cocktail recipes, and the Glamping: Vol II playlist all in this one epic Glamp Out 2013 post.

Glamping-038Glamping-002 Glamping-019 Blog03 Sarah: J.Crew necklace and vest, LOFT tee, Gap cords, Target gloves, Father in law’s old boots.
Will: J.L. Powell hat, Oliver Peoples glasses, Gap plaid, Timex 1600 watch, J.Crew khakis, Bean Boots.

Glamping-023 Glamping-033 Glamping-043 Blog05 Tig: Ray-Ban’s, Target flannel and deer shirt, Shiner Bock, AG Stevie jeans, Lucchese boots.
Mark: Buffalo Jackson hat and ‘Redwood’ flannel (c/o), J.Crew pants, Bean Mocs.

Glamping-040 Glamping-055 Blog06Allyson: Forever 21 chambray and jeggings, Target deer waffle, Mom’s socks, Bean Boots.
Matthew: Patagonia ‘Better Sweater’ jacket, Ralph Lauren plaid, Glass of Malbec, REI pants, Bean Boots.

Glamping-039 Blog04 Glamping-116 Blog07 Caroline: Tradlands ‘Alamo Square’ flannel (c/o), Gap vest, LOFT leggings, Smart Wool socks, Bean Boots.
Shiner: Oktobertfest can.
Glamping-065 Glamping-010 Glamping-083 Glamping-081 Glamping-122 Blog08 Glamping-124 The Tres: 2 oz wheated bourbon (we used W.L. Weller), 1/2 oz Mexican Coke syrup, 2 dash Bad Dog Sarsaparilla Dry bitters.
Glamping-139 The Plaid Hatter: 2 oz bourbon (we used Four Roses), 1/4 oz cinnamon syrup, 2 dash apple bitters.
Glamping-160 Glamping-173 Glamping-166 Glamping-228
The Mr. BOF: …is a Bourbon Old Fashioned. 2.5 oz bourbon, 3/4 oz simple syrup, 2 dash orange bitters.
Glamping-184 Glamping-213 Glamping-242 Glamping-245 Glamping-247 Glamping-249 Glamping-253 Enjoy the Go Glamping: Vol II playlist.

See also: The 2012 Glamp Out, in case you missed it last year.

An extra very special “thank you” to Buffalo Jackson, Tradlands, and Bad Dog Bar Craft for contributing to the Glamping goods. Also, thanks to Jess Graves for gifting The Fontenot’s our 7 person Eddie Bauer tent.

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    2. #tentmanse

    3. I have to know where you got that Texas flag!

    4. I see you, W.L. Weller.

      I see you.

      Great stuff, as always, friend.

    5. Love it so much! I’ve been wanting to glamp since your post last year; now I’ve just got to find more people who are into it!

    6. Too cool***********!!!

    7. Andrew Forrester says:

      Love the Andrew Belle. Love all the J.Crew. Love the Carolines.

    8. This might be one of the best posts in the history of the blog. Also, #whitepeopledancing

    9. So awesome!
      The video had us laughing so much. “Welcome to my crib” haha.

      Thanks so much for including our flannel shirt in this year’s Glamping trip. You guys are so fun over there.

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