Christmas Down South | Andover Trask


In the meadow we can build a snowman, then pretend he is Parson Brown.
He’ll say, “where’d you get that bag?” We’ll say, “Andover Trask.”

Started in 2010 by Matt Weaver, Atlanta made Andover Trask bags are crafted with American canvas and leather and they smell like freedom. This is your chance to win their new Coal bag, one that isn’t even on their website yet. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block for sure.

  • Comment on this post and tell us your favorite Christmas day tradition.
  • The first 10 entries will be counted twice!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 13th!



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    1. My favorite: going to church with my 89 year old grandmother (and the rest of the fam…). Something so special to spend Christmas with her, in a place where its not at all about the spending and the buying. Just the loving. <3

    2. Watching my children experience the joy and magic of Christmas.

    3. Finding the glass pickle on the Christmas tree first and you get an extra gift!

    4. Elizabeth Wilbourne says:

      Making cheese toast with bacon x’s and family-recipe hot chocolate on Christmas Eve with my family!

    5. My favorite Christmas tradition would be listening to my mom’s incredibly predictable Christmas music collection that includes The Temptations, Luther Vandross, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show Christmas song countdown. It is good stuff!

    6. Building a gingerbread house and baking cookies w/my family

    7. Getting up early and eating my Mama’s monkey bread and breakfast casserole.

    8. Of course, anticipating which child will wake up first to see what Santa has brought them. Then going to my sweet mother-n-laws house to eat a homemade southern style breakfast. Also….we play a fun game every year that our Uncle comes up with (which is always so much fun) and feels the room with LAUGHTER!

    9. Ryan McReynolds says:

      Every Christmas Eve we all get a new pair of Christmas pajamas then the whole family sits down in the living room for a screening of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We’ve been doing it since I was a kid and it still never gets old. I’ve also got more pajama pants than I can count because of it.

    10. Sarah Beth says:

      Best part of Christmas is the excitement on my 3 year olds sweet face when he sees Santa came. A big breakfast with my family and coffee to start the day!!

    11. This year we have a new baby girl, so I am excited to start some new traditions. But, for the past few years we lived in NYC. We would go to brunch and then look at all the window displays (Bergdorfs is always my favorite!)

    12. Mallory Hansen says:

      Opening presents, followed by breakfast, then baking cookies, and watching Christmas Vacation as much as humanly possible!

    13. Coffee by the fireplace and opening presents as a family.

    14. Caitlin Sanders says:

      Starting a fire first thing in the morning, even when it’s 60+ degrees outside (as is often the case in GA).

    15. Waking up early and waiting to open presents will never get old, no matter my age!

    16. Family brunch in PJs!

    17. Spending time with family and friends

    18. Julia Good says:

      Lobster, champagne & the traditional viewing of my favorite Christmas movie – The Lion in Winter (with bourbon).

    19. Julia Gardner says:

      Making eggs Benedict and having mimosas with my family on Christmas morning.

    20. justin wiggins says:

      Playing Santa and passing out all of the gifts

    21. Christmas Eve Gumbo! My mom makes the best! Also, matching Christmas Eve Pajamas. We did it when we were kids, and now that we are grown all of our children have their matching PJs.

    22. No matter how old I get (or how many children we have) I still love waking my brother up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.

    23. Thomas H. J. Cook says:

      Cajun Night Before Christmas and Fried Turkey

    24. singing christmas carols while decorating the tree with my brother

    25. The hours following Christmas dinner around the table. Lots of drinks, stories, and laughter.

    26. My favorite Christmas Day tradition is waking up early and opening gifts with kids in our PJs.

    27. Matthew Cornelius says:

      Listening to Kenny (Rogers) and Dolly (Parton) Christmas tape. Yes, a tape.

    28. Erin Richardson says:

      Making Maine French Toast every Christmas morning and eating a huge breakfast wtih my parents, inlaws, family, and neighbors.

    29. Eating breakfast and then opening presents with family!

    30. Watching A Christmas Story literally all day long.

    31. Taco Bell at midnight on Christmas Eve.

    32. Matias Brizuela says:

      Christmas Day Tamale Lunch in Texas.

    33. Bonnie Dell says:

      We open our presents early, before the sun comes up! Even as adults the excitement of the morning wakes us long before the coffee is ready!

    34. Breakfast for sure!

    35. Jazmine Benjamin says:

      My family opens one gift on the night before Christmas, after dinner. Followed by cookies and milk or eggnog (for the adults).

    36. Opening presents in our pjs! Even though we are all adults now!

    37. In Austin, TX it is tradition to have tamales around Christmas time. I enjoy them as part of our Christmas brunch, followed by time spent with family lingering over all the gifts!

    38. Our family has breakfast together first thing with my grandparent’s famous cinnamon butter rolls -I just was given the recipe (top secret) and it’s very extensive and includes lard! AH!

    39. We watch the Polar Express but my new fav tradition will be opening this bag that I’ll wrap for myself.

    40. William P. says:

      The annual unspoken rule of “no kid can open presents until every adult has a drink in their hand.”

      Also, watching rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on christmas eve.

    41. we’ve always read “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” when I was very little, my mom had us bake birthday cupcakes for baby Jesus!

    42. Tricia White says:

      A day free of TV

    43. Mimosas with Christmas breakfast.

    44. Christina Q says:

      The best Christmas tradition we have is enjoying tamales and Champurrado while watching our 3 children open their gifts.

    45. Nicolette says:

      If you just opened a present, you have to pick out the next one for someone else!

    46. Love this bag – and I love watching family members open gifts one by one in age order. It makes the magic last forever and you really get to see reactions and show appreciation. Ugh. Love.

    47. Chad hansen says:

      My dad would be “Santa” and distribute toys one at a time. We would all sit and watch each other open presents, say thank you’s, and be happy for each other.

    48. my family has an old time German tradition of finding the pickle in the tree and whoever finds it plays Santa and passes out gifts // it’s my favorite tradition because literally I won every year growing up

      also we eat Chinese food (inspired by The Christmas Story) EVERY Christmas Eve

    49. a Christmas Story on repeat all day long!

    50. Molly Picardi says:

      Homemade coffee cake and sausage for breakfast while listening to Classical Music on the radio. Doesn’t get any better!

    51. yummy brunch by the fireplace and then an afternoon walk on the beach followed by a matinee (secret life of walter mitty!). i can hardly wait. also, this bag is amazing. xx

    52. Love! Would be the perfect tote.

      My favorite tradition is cooking a big breakfast with my family (which always includes biscuits and gravy!).

    53. Anne Marie says:

      Opening presents on Christmas Eve.

    54. Anne Marie says:

      I love this!

    55. Wine lots of it!

    56. Colt Mansfield says:

      Christmas dinner! It rivals Thanksgiving dinner at my family’s place.

    57. My favorite Christmas tradition actually occurs on Christmas Eve. After evening mass, my family and I drive around and look at all of our favorite Christmas lights, then return home and watch It’s A Wonderful Life together. I’ll never get enough of it.

    58. Erica Jones says:

      Driving around to look at Christmas lights!!

    59. Gretchen Bagwell says:

      Christmas morning breakfast at the Waffle House!!! So much fun with my boys!

    60. Bloody’s!

    61. Jessica Skobel says:

      We are supposeddd to have the tradition of opening one present an hour! According to momma skobes that is :)

    62. Piling the whole pajama-clad family into the car to drive around looking at Christmas lights!

    63. Natalie Farinholt says:

      Christmas brunch! My mom and I always fix up a lovely brunch to be enjoyed by the whole family after all the presents have been opened.

    64. Preston Stanford says:

      A Christmas Story on TV

    65. Christmas Eve birthday party for Jesus…complete with birthday cake, candles and a dance party.

    66. Melissa Trimble says:

      Dad making banana pancakes on Christmas morning, and taking a picture with all the cousins on Granny’s blue couch!

    67. The voice my dad does for the angel tree topper. It’s a thing of beauty.

    68. Love my moms homemade French toast. Great grandmothers recipe.

    69. I love decorating the tree, with the Christmas music on, eating cookies at the same time! We use all of our homemade ornaments we made as children.

    70. Coming home after midnight mass on Christmas Eve and eating an assortment of delicious snacks my mom prepares every year.

    71. Samantha Walton says:

      Baking cookies for Santa. My husband always makes the call on what Santa wants that year ;)

    72. We’ve had traditions come and go, growing up it was getting to open a gift on Christmas Eve and it was always pajamas my grandmother had made us for us to sleep in that night. Since she’s no longer able to do that, it’s been making Christmas breakfast for my family (which is almost always an orange pecan french toast casserole) and watching It’s a Wonderful Life with my dad on Christmas Eve.

    73. My brother and I spend the night at my parents on Christmas Eve, and he always wakes me up early just like when we were kids.

    74. Dean Olaya says:

      Opening presents with my family in our pjs and slowly opening each present as if I were going to reuse the wrapping paper… i’m weird like that.

    75. Jennifer B says:

      Opening presents while eating sausage balls and drinking coffee :-)

    76. Margaret Jones says:

      drinking bloody marys (home-made by my dad) and opening gits

    77. kitten shoemake says:

      my brother in pjs

    78. Mackenzie Morris says:

      Bloody Mary’s…for sure the best part!

    79. Homemade cinnamon rolls by the fire with my family before we open presents!

    80. Christmas breakfast with my family and just sitting in our PJ’s

    81. Getting up early, driving an hour North, and making it to my parents house for a homemade Christmas breakfast (eggs, meat, and biscuits of course)!

    82. Making an early breakfast for the wife’s family, then settling in with my parents and playing music with Dad until our huge family dinner.

    83. Christmas is the only day of the year I don’t have to bribe my mom to make me biscuits. She makes them fresh every Christmas morning!

    84. Bloodies and breakfast while opening presents!

      Crossing my fingers,

    85. Dom Bonvissuto says:

      For the past three years, my parents fly from Nashville on Christmas morning and land out here in SoCal by noon. They play with the grandkid for a bit, then we all have a big Christmas dinner.

    86. Waffles for Christmas breakfast.

    87. My favorite christmas day tradition is waking up early, just my wife and i and seeing what “santa” brought us.

    88. Marty Thedford says:

      My favorite tradition is Christmas morning , always delicious overnight soaked French toast, mimosas and a 5 hour long stocking opening session. No one opens a gift at the same time, we all take turns opening each gift and just enjoy being together with music, jokes, and pajamas all day!

    89. We build a 3-D christmas tree out of donut holes and icing.

    90. I love waking up early, getting a cup of coffee, and opening presents!

    91. Coffee cake for breakfast, turkey and dressing for lunch, Mexican for dinner and swearing off all food around midnight. Oh, and watching Home Alone on Christmas Eve.

    92. Christopher says:

      There’s nothing better than taking in an early morning whitetail deer hunt, then sitting down to a large family meal.

    93. Christmas afternoon napping, of course!

    94. Christmas brunch and mimosas with the ones I love. oh.. .and watching people open their presents!!

    95. I love Christmas brunch!

    96. mimosas and sausage casserole in the morning!

    97. Davis Lee says:

      Breakfast for sure!

    98. Being the first one up Christmas morning

    99. Baking a cream cheese braid Christmas morning and enjoying breakfast with family after the gift excitement.

    100. Mimosas and brunch!

    101. we go south of the border every year to spend christmas on the beach, new pjs, and watching all the home alones!

    102. Having mimosas and sausage balls in the morning then seeing a movie that night with the whole family when everything is done for the day.

    103. Anne Noble says:

      I love our Christmas brunch with mimosas and lots of holiday cheer!

    104. For the last 4 years my husband and I have made a tradition of going fishing in the Tampa Bay. We spend the morning with family and watch the nephews open presents and then we spend the afternoon together enjoying the lovely holiday weather we seem to have here in Floriday.

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