Christmas Down South | Dirty Guv’s Show


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know. Where the treetops glisten and children listen to The Dirty Guv’nahs in the snow.

But don’t forget about New Years Eve…

It’ll be here before you know it and it’ll be a whole lot more fun if you’re Ringin ‘n’ Rockin ‘n’ Rollin in Knoxville at The Dirty Guv’nahs concert.

2 tickets to their New Years Even show at the Historic Tennessee Theatre are up for grabs!

  • Comment on this post and let us know your favorite Dirty Guv’s song.
  • The first 10 entries will be counted twice!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 13th!



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    1. We’ll Be The Light, of course

    2. Elizabeth Wilbourne says:

      We’ll Be The Light!

    3. Baby we were young!

    4. Courage

    5. New Salvation but they all are so good

    6. Baby We Were Young! I live in Knoxville and love this band, so I would be a good pick! ;)

    7. Baby We Were Young.

    8. Fairlane

    9. Molly Picardi says:

      Baby We Were Young!

    10. Elizabeth says:

      Baby We Were Young! xx

    11. It’s impossible to choose, so “We’ll be the Light.”

    12. Can You Feel It!

    13. William P. says:

      Song for My Beloved!

    14. Walk With Me!!

    15. Baby We Were Young!

    16. Chris Roberts says:

      Blue Rose Stroll!

    17. Fairlane!

    18. Dear Alice hits me hard.

    19. Baby We Were Young!!

    20. Emily Bell Marcinek says:

      The Country

    21. baby we were young

    22. Can You Feel It

    23. Margaret Jones says:

      Blue Rose Stroll or We’ll be the Light

    24. Get Down Mama! – It’s an old track, hard to find. Fan since the start.

    25. dear alice

    26. going with popular vote, 3000 miles

    27. Blue Rose Stroll

    28. 3000 Miles

    29. Baby We Were Young

    30. I live there… so it makes sense.

    31. we’ll be the light!!!!!

    32. 3000 Miles

    33. baby we were young!! I can’t believe you have these tickets!

    34. Davis Lee says:

      3000 Miles or Baby We Were Young.. They are great songs!

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