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I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need: delicious cocktails. And you need some, too. Thanks to Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, we can help make that wish come true.

Jack Rudy’s Small Batch Tonic changed our G&T loving lives. We briefly talked about it here, and we continue to mix it up for guests and tell everyone we know to get some. Then they released Small Batch Grenadine and and we loved them even more. In our opinion, these are two essential items for the home bar. To get a bottle of each…

  • Comment on this post and let us know your favorite holiday cocktail.
  • The first 10 entries will be counted twice!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 13th!



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    1. Hot Toddy!

    2. Taylor Anderson says:

      Gin and Tonic!

    3. Milk punch

    4. anything spiced!

    5. Home made Spiced cider with Makers Mark.

    6. Ryan McReynolds says:


    7. Bourbon egg nog for sure.

    8. Chambord and Champagne. Hands down.

    9. Becky Anderson says:

      Gin Martini. It’s like drinking a delicious, delicious Christmas Tree.

    10. Julia Good says:

      My maple bacon Manhattans are all the rage – but I’m also partial to anything in the bourbon family.

    11. Cruzan Rum and egg nog.

    12. Don’t know if it is just for the holiday but a good sazerac will hit the spot.

    13. Melissa Walter Wilson says:

      Kahlua and cream!

    14. Chad Mortensen says:

      Warm ‘n’ Toasty

    15. C. Boudreaux says:

      I stick with Old Fashioned.

    16. justin wiggins says:

      Lagavulin 16

    17. Boulevardier. #Boom.

    18. A poinsettia. Like a mimosa but with cranberry juice instead of OJ.

    19. Gin and tonic is my year round drink of choice. Maybe garnish with a sprig of greenery to festive it up!

    20. Bonnie Dell says:

      Hot Cider Nog, yum!

    21. Irish Coffee!

    22. whiskey sours!! or amaretto sour ;)

    23. William P. says:

      A bourbon spiced cider that I found a recipe for last year. Too good.

    24. It’s hard to beat a Charleston Light Dragoons’ Punch.

    25. Christina Q says:

      Pecan milk punch

    26. Nicolette says:

      It’s not exactly a holiday cocktail, but I always spend time around the holidays with my friend, and his mom always makes endless Salty Dogs.

    27. Molly Picardi says:

      Gin and tonic!

    28. loved gin and tonics for the longest time. picked this up on a whim from kaufmann mercantile. it really does blow your mind. been excited to try the grenadine.

      favorite holiday cocktail… i’d have to say a manhattan

    29. Love Irish coffees!

      This would be a great addition to our bar cart!

    30. bourbon egg nog

    31. Anne Marie says:

      Spiked mulled cider!

    32. Anne Marie says:

      I love this!

    33. Kyle Snyder says:

      Straight bourbon. Preferably by a fire.

    34. Bourbon spiked egg nog. Preferably out of a moose glass.

    35. scotch. 1 ice cube.

    36. Natalie Farinholt says:

      Brandy milk punch! Preferably enjoyed in the Crescent City.

    37. Vodka tonic always.

    38. Sarah Thurston says:

      milk punch! ice cream, crown, milk, with nutmeg sprinkled on top!

    39. Mackenzie Morris says:

      With the holidays and cold weather, it’s an Irish Coffee.

    40. The holidays always make me think of my grandfather’s rum spiked green sherbet punch. Delicious.

    41. Gin and tonics top my list!

    42. Colt Mansfield says:

      A bourbon cider recipe I found in Garden & Gun.

    43. Some egg nog

    44. gin and tonic, splash of sprite. couple limes. mmmm

    45. White cranberry sangria or a pomegranate mimosa! Delish.

    46. Rachel trammell says:

      Spiked egg nog. Slash Long Island iced tea, don’t even care that it’s not seasonal. Every season is iced tea season in the south ;)

    47. Hot coco with pumpkin vodka

    48. Old Fashioned…just warms my soul.

    49. gin and tonic

    50. I love a Negroni any day of the year. Every day is a Holiday!

    51. Turtle Doves. On the second day of Christmas, of course!

    52. Brian Cromeens says:
    53. not a cocktail, but mulled wine is always a favorite during the holidays!

    54. Pecan “Milk” Punch w/ Bourbon

    55. Bourbon. Rocks.

    56. Anything with Woodford Reserve!

    57. Anything gingerbread! Or pumpkin

    58. I have this…but we already need more.
      Favorite holiday cocktail: Hot Toddy

    59. Stingers for all!

    60. Katie Caperton says:

      Wassail!! Or however you spell it!

    61. spiced rum, sprite & a splash of real ginger ale!

    62. Tn sour at the holland house!!

    63. Woodford Reserve with Ale-8-one in KY. Nothing better.

    64. Anything with bourbon!

    65. Cadet Punch. Always better in a punch bowl

    66. Spiked hot apple cider!

    67. Davis Lee says:

      Gotta love gin and tonic! taste like a christmas tree!

    68. Preston Stanford says:

      SoCo Eggnog

    69. Margaret Jones says:

      EGG NOG! Yum!

    70. I’m a pretty simple man when it comes to drinks but I have really been in the mood for Old Fashioneds since Thanksgiving. I suppose it’s because I’ve had to dress up lately and am channeling my inner Don Draper.

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