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Need some help keeping your chestnuts warm by the fire on Christmas? A Tradlands henley should help. It’s the perfect hemp and organic cotton shirt for those holiday evenings in, and the perfect base layer for a chilly day.

Tradlands is all about the woman who drifts towards the men’s section and thinks, “I wish they made this for me.” It’s the story of Caroline’s life. Designed and sewn in San Francisco, their line is perfection, and we want one of you lucky ladies to add a piece of it to your wardrobe. To enter…

  • Comment on this post and let us know which color you want – brick or liberty.
  • The first 10 entries will be counted twice!

A winner will be chosen at random on December 13th!



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    1. My wife would love the brick

    2. Brick please and thank you

    3. Elizabeth Wilbourne says:

      Brick, please!

    4. Christie Gill says:

      Brickkkkk houuuse ( mighty mighty letting it all hang out.)

    5. brick

    6. Brick please.

    7. Brick

    8. Mallory Hansen says:


    9. Brick

    10. Brick!

    11. Liberty

    12. Becky Anderson says:

      Did you know The Statue of Liberty was made with metal mined just miles from me here in Norway? True story. So, I go with the color Liberty. :)

    13. Julia Gardner says:

      All about the liberty.

    14. Liberty!

    15. brick for sure!

    16. I would like brick!

    17. I’d love the brick to wear with jeans!

    18. Bonnie Dell says:

      The Liberty looks great!

    19. Jazmine Benjamin says:


    20. Definitely brick :)

    21. Liberty looks great! So cozy!

    22. brotally Brick!

    23. Brick for sure!

    24. “Give me liberty or give me death!”
      liberty please and thank you!

    25. Christina Q says:

      Brick is best!

    26. Nicolette says:

      The Liberty. Definitely.

    27. The brick! So pretty!

    28. Molly Picardi says:

      Brick, please!

    29. I think brick!

      Love that they’re made in SF!

    30. Anne Marie says:


    31. Anne Marie says:

      I love this!

    32. Brick!

    33. Erica Jones says:


    34. She’s a BRICK house! She’s mighty mighty, letting it all hang out! Oww!

    35. Liberty. Or brick. yes please!

    36. Liberty please!

    37. Sarah Thurston says:

      both! :)

    38. Liberty

    39. Mackenzie Morris says:

      Brick for me, please!

    40. Hard to choose but going with brick!

    41. Emily Smith says:

      Liberty PLEASE!!!

    42. Brick for sure!

    43. Rachel trammell says:

      Lady Liberty.

    44. liberty!

    45. BRICK…gotta keep it festive

    46. Liberty! <3

    47. Brian Cromeens says:


    48. Brick!!!

    49. brick.

    50. Liberty!

    51. ME PLEASE:) Liberty or Brick! Love them both

    52. Katie Caperton says:

      Eitherrrrrr! Liberty or brick! I just want ooone

    53. Jennifer B says:


    54. Brick!

    55. brick

    56. Justin Williamson says:


    57. liberty and justice for all

    58. kitten shoemake says:

      this kitten wants liberty for all and especially for me!

    59. oh me me me me I like liberty or brick I just want one!!

    60. Brick

    61. Libbbbberty!

    62. So cozy! I’m gonna go for brick!

    63. Liberty!!-

    64. BRICK!

    65. Jaclyn cline says:

      Brick. Luh you chick

    66. Marty Thedford says:


    67. Natalie Farinholt says:

      Brick, brick, brick!

    68. My wife would love Brick!

    69. Liberty!

    70. Brick fo sho.

    71. Ooh Brick!

    72. Brick!

    73. Brick!

    74. Liberty, please!

    75. Brick!

    76. Brick, please!

    77. Liberty!

    78. brick!

    79. BRICK!

    80. Margaret Jones says:


    81. Liberty :)

    82. Liberty. Please and Thank you

    83. Brick!

    84. Liberty!

    85. Give me Liberty or give me…

    86. Liberty please!

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