Jamie, Part IX

46230013Photographed in Charleston, SC by Nathan Westerfield

Raised in:
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Favorite part of your outfit:
I love my pants by Iron & Resin, my favorite clothing company. They are absolutely killing it with their image and product. These are from a recent line where they partnered with the classic Dickies. They updated the traditional Dickies cuts with a more modern fit using awesome Japanese fabrics and Dickies’ own selvage Cramerton cloth. The pocket has a nice japanese floral touch to it to make the pants stand out.

Now would ya look at that:
Thanks to Nathan Westerfield for snapping this photo of Jamie at a recent Charleston wedding they shot together at Lowndes Grove Plantation.

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    1. Ask me who my daddy is Jamie!!

    2. NOOOOICE!

      *Kodak Portra 400 – Contax 645

    3. Betsy Grimes says:

      That’s one handsome model you have there…even if I don’t quite get the pockets remark. Great location as well. Love that particular piece of Heaven!

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