Ombres-WedPhotographed in Savannah, GA

Raised in:
Mountain Brook, Alabama

Lives in:
New Orleans, Louisiana

Favorite spot in Savannah:
That’s tough!  I saw so much, so quickly. Everything is beautiful and magical there, not unlike New Orleans. If I had to pick, it might be Dept. 7 East because I got to pause for a moment to appreciate Savannah before the wedding weekend. The cold rosé, great company, and Croque with pimento cheese was a perfect intro to Savannah.

Now would ya look at that:
I declared Brandon the “best dressed wedding guest” at this wedding.

  • KREWE du optic sunglasses (L•G•D).
  • Brooks Brothers bow tie.
  • Vintage private label Parisians blazer. “Parisians is a department store that was founded in Birmingham, and that everyone misses dearly.”
  • Ralph Lauren shirt.
  • Tag Heuer watch.
  • Southern Creed iPhone case (King Cotton pattern). “Her stuff is locally designed, locally made, and locally awesome. Mint Julep pocket squares and Okra cocktail napkins? Yes, please.”
  • J.Crew pants.
  • Paul Smith socks.
  • Cole Haan loafers. “They’re great because I don’t worry about ruining pricey loafers splashing through New Orleans puddles.”


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    1. Velvet mafia hotness. Love the bow tie. Sunglasses need to go.

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