See You Out There

MII_2845-2The Huckberry x Howler Snapback, available in our Huckberry shop!


After two months of back to back weddings, it’s break time. This means local adventures together, mostly to our front porch and down to the creek by our house with our pup and cold beers. But adventures always pop up – close and far – and we’re excited to see what fills our empty calendar this month. Got any ideas for us in Georgia?

See you y’all out there.

John Rich

JohnRichPhotographed by Jess Marie (LadyFLASHBACK)

We only had the pleasure of spending 1 evening around John Rich of Oakleaf & Acorn but the man left an impact. Mark and I enjoyed a dinner with him, his brother and Micah of The Old Try. He was the kind of guy who you wanted telling the stories around the table – and he told good ones. He talked a lot about his kids, not in a “please stop talking about your kids that I’ve never met” way, but in a way that we wanted to hear more. In a way that made you smile because you knew how good of a father he was, and that’s always a joy to be around. My heart is so heavy and I only met the man once. That says a damn lot.

Micah has made this print in honor of John who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. All of the profits will go to the Rich family who are in our prayers. If you’re the prayin’ kind, send some their way.

IMG_6551-copy-_1 2



Some of us love soccer, and some of us even love women’s soccer. We are some of those people. The Women’s World Cup is underway and USA plays their first match v.s. Australia tonight at 7:30 EST. This Wellen USA hat will be in heavy rotation as we cheer for our team and you can get it in our Huckberry shop.

It’d also be pretty perfect for your upcoming 4th of July celebration. I’m just sayin’…

Tennessee Bound


Bound for:
Johnson City, Tennessee

Essential gear:
Hudson Sutler Oahu Weekender Duffel.
Their Commuter Duffel is now on our Huckberry shop for $85!

Driving entertainment:

Maggie Mathews

maggiemathewsart 026Photographed in Atlanta, GA

Raised in:
Vinings, Georgia

Lives in:
Atlanta, Georgia

What most inspires your art:
I’m inspired by so many things but mostly the energy felt when being by the water, and all things that remind me of that. I’m also very inspired by color itself.

Favorite project you’re currently working on:
I’m working on a new project that I don’t want to give too many details about just yet but is sure to be a favorite. All I’m going to say is that it involves giving back to my dear old friend the Chattahoochee River and I’m very excited to see where it goes.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Maggie Mathews, an amazing Atlanta-based artist. I had the privilege of photographing her and her studio for this great piece on The Love List that you should definitely go read!

Back Down South Shop

IMG_2755-2-2Photographed in Eureka Springs, AR
Hudson Sutler Oahu Commuter Duffel
(on sale for $85)

We’ve been Hudson Sutler fans since the minute we discovered them. And as you’ve seen here before, we’ve also been Huckberry fans since the minute we discovered them.

I recently chatted with Grant Hewitt, the man beehind Hudson Sutler, and we thought it would be fun to collaborate with a little travel series this summer on Back Down South. Mark and I use their bags on the regular, and I’m traveling quite a bit this summer around the South and beyond. I wanted to photograph their Weekender duffels taking trips with me. This idea grew into one of my favorite oppurtunites I’ve had to date: curating a shop on Huckberry.

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding products to the shop (stay tuned on InstagramFBTwitter), as well as photographing some of my favorite ones that go on the trips with me. The shop is filled with items that I think are perfect for summer travels and adventures, so click the image below to check it out and do some shopping!


Special thanks to Hudson Sutler and Huckberry for providing some products for us to use on our travels.

No. 4 St. James


I found out about No. 4 St. James from my best friend. She sent me to their website and within minutes I was lost in it and found myself purchasing their Texas Works book that same day. A lifestyle brand that showcases Texas makers, writes engaging stories about life in Texas, and shares beautiful photographs from across the Great State? Be still, my beating, Texan heart.

Needless to say, I was extremely excited and honored when they reached out to me recently. I jumped at the chance to have their story told here, and to photograph a few of our favorite products currently for sale in their marketplace. A huge thanks to Vincent Friedewald, their President & CEO, for answering these questions!

stjames 001Original Texas Tactical Hat, $32

Raised in:
Houston, mostly, including some time in The Woodlands for high school. Others on our team are from West Texas and Dallas. And one from Pennsylvania, although we prefer not to talk about that.

Lives in:
Austin, Texas

Describe Texas in one word:

stjames 002Republic of Texas Passport, $28
Texas Edition Trapper Knife, $72
Wildsam Austin Field Guide, $18

Inspiration for the company:
Basically the pride that Texans have for Texas, and the curiosity that non-Texans have about Texas. In that, we saw a business opportunity: despite Texas being an international icon, there was no brand attempting to represent her. There are Texas-y brands, to be certain, but they mostly have western wear themes. We were inspired to create something broader, a brand that would reflect the entirety of the Texas experience. From life on the coast, to the Piney Woods, the big metro areas – everywhere in Texas.

Tell us about the name:
It refers to an address in London. When Texas was a Republic, it maintained a diplomatic office (a legation, like a small embassy) at No. 4 St. James’ Street. We were drawn to the name for a few reasons. First, just explaining it automatically tells a story about Texas, and we like telling stories about Texas. It also avoids clichés and imagery that might be expected of a Texas brand; we wanted a name that would be a little bit surprising. We also wanted to signal upscale quality and international reach, and somehow (to us, anyway) it just sounds upscale. And last, although this didn’t occur to us initially, it inspired the perfect tagline: The Address for Texas.

stjames 004Texas Tea Towels by Kimball Prints, $16

Favorite product currently in the shop:
It’s tough to choose just one. I’m particularly proud of our special leather edition of Elmer Kelton’s The Time It Never Rained. It’s such a great novel, and not just to Texans. We collaborated with Understated Leather to rebind the books in leather. The image on the cover is laser etched; it’s a photo of a dried up lake bed we took while on tour in West Texas, the setting for the novel. It has a great leathery-book smell, and it’s the kind of product that you can keep for a lifetime and then pass on. We have plans on doing similar special edition covers for other Texas classics, so The Time It Never Rained is hopefully just the first of what will be a large collection.

stjames 003Leather Edition: The Time it Never Rained, $78

What you want readers to know most about the company:
That we’re just getting started. In particular, we’ll be introducing more original products over the course of 2015. Some will be in collaboration with other great Texas makers, and some will be exclusively marketed under the No. 4 St. James label. We know people will be excited about what we’ve got in the pipeline.

stjames 005Standed Issue Margarita Glass,  2 for $20
Halo del Santo Margarita Salt, $14

Thanks again to Vincent and the entire team for sharing their story and products!