Logan Richard

LoganRichards 002

Jed looking quite handsome in his American made Navy Skull and Crossbones collar by Logan Richard (c/o).

LoganRichards 001

To be honest, this collar may be nicer than the majority of Mark’s belts. They’re made with genuine American leather and silk sourced from England. Each collar, leash and belt (for you human readers) is hand-sewn onto each product in Burlington, Vermont. We are truly impressed and continue to be less cool than our dog.

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Charleston Bound


Bound for:
Charleston, South Carolina

Essential gear:

Driving entertainment:

Trip highlights:


Bahamas Bound


Bound for:
Harbour Island, Bahamas

Essential gear:

Flying entertainment:

I had the amazing oppurtunity to go back to the Bahamas for a wedding last month.
You can see those photos here and here if you’d like.

See You Out There

MII_2845-2The Huckberry x Howler Snapback, available in our Huckberry shop!


After two months of back to back weddings, it’s break time. This means local adventures together, mostly to our front porch and down to the creek by our house with our pup and cold beers. But adventures always pop up – close and far – and we’re excited to see what fills our empty calendar this month. Got any ideas for us in Georgia?

See you y’all out there.

John Rich

JohnRichPhotographed by Jess Marie (LadyFLASHBACK)

We only had the pleasure of spending 1 evening around John Rich of Oakleaf & Acorn but the man left an impact. Mark and I enjoyed a dinner with him, his brother and Micah of The Old Try. He was the kind of guy who you wanted telling the stories around the table – and he told good ones. He talked a lot about his kids, not in a “please stop talking about your kids that I’ve never met” way, but in a way that we wanted to hear more. In a way that made you smile because you knew how good of a father he was, and that’s always a joy to be around. My heart is so heavy and I only met the man once. That says a damn lot.

Micah has made this print in honor of John who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. All of the profits will go to the Rich family who are in our prayers. If you’re the prayin’ kind, send some their way.

IMG_6551-copy-_1 2



Some of us love soccer, and some of us even love women’s soccer. We are some of those people. The Women’s World Cup is underway and USA plays their first match v.s. Australia tonight at 7:30 EST. This Wellen USA hat will be in heavy rotation as we cheer for our team and you can get it in our Huckberry shop.

It’d also be pretty perfect for your upcoming 4th of July celebration. I’m just sayin’…

Tennessee Bound


Bound for:
Johnson City, Tennessee

Essential gear:
Hudson Sutler Oahu Weekender Duffel.
Their Commuter Duffel is now on our Huckberry shop for $85!

Driving entertainment: