Will + Salemtown Board Co.

WillPhotographed in Nashville, TN by Jamie Clayton
Mamiya 645, Portra 400

Raised in:
Melbourne, Florida

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Tell everyone about Salemtown Board Co:
Salemtown Board Co. started as an attempt to engage the young men of our neighborhood. After moving to Nashville I founded the company with a friend of mine who is a gifted artist, I grew up skating and surfing and had a background in woodworking so it was a natural fit. Today the company is run by myself and my younger brother. We have hired a few young guys from the community and are working with them through the college application process.

While we grew up in a beach town today we draw our inspiration from the forests and mountains of Tennessee. We are striving to create a brand that is authentically Nashville and make boards that exist as a part of everyone’s favorite weekend adventures.

When you started it:
We cut our first boards in October 2012 and launched a website on Thanksgiving of that year.

The mission:
Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible for people who need them while making skateboards that people love to ride.

Current favorite board:
I am a sucker for our pintail. It’s a classic shape and rides like a surfboard.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Will Anderson, owner of Salemtown Board Co.

Royal Highnies


Our great friend Bryan told us about Royal Highnies a few years ago, going on and on about how soft their boxers were. Shortly after, we came across some at Tweeds and he sure was right – these babies are soft! So when they reached out recently to let us know about their lounge pants and ladies shorts, we were all about partnering up for a post. Get learned and then enter for your chance to get some free goods…


What inspired the start of Royal Highnies:
It was simply a quest to make the best boxer short ever.

Who came up with the best boxer name ever:
Booper and Allison (Highnies Founders) + Heineken + Swimming Pool = Royal Highnies.

What’s the magic behind how dang soft they are:
We use the absolute finest 400 count Pima cotton. Building a house for the family jewels requires the best materials.

Anything you can let us know about what’s to come with Royal Highnies:
We are always adding new items to both our Mens and Womens collections, and we hope to expand our “Tiny Highnies” children’s line in the near future!


Giveaway time, y’all!
They’re giving away one pair of lounge pants for the guys and one pair of shorts for the girls.

To enter, comment below with your favorite beverage to have while wearing pajamas.
An extra entry will come your way if you like ‘em on Facebook.
A winner will be announced on Thursday, September 18th.

Trask Giveaway


Yesterday, you met Trask.

Today, you get to throw your name in to get a chance and check ‘em out for yourself.

Here’s what you gotta do:

  • Head over to their site and shop around.
  • Leave a comment on this post letting us know your favorite pair.
  • That’s all!

We’ll pick a winner by random on July 22nd around cocktail hour.


Trask is an American brand born in Bozeman, Montana. I get excited about anything Montana – though obviously not southern – it’s where my parents retired. I’ve come to love that state and so much of things that are made there (specifically some fantastic beers, and now, Trask shoes).

They extended us the kind gift of picking out a few pairs and we love ‘em. They’re beautifully made, and most importantly, they’re dang comfortable. The Keira sandals (below) have been the only sandal I’ve worn since I got them.

Jason Jones, the VP of product development, was kind enough to answer some questions about the company. Get learned.


Raised in:
Rockwall, Texas

Lives in:
Franklin, Tennessee

IMG_7576Glacier boots

Idea driving the start:
Harrison Trask lived in Bozeman, Montana where he worked in the shoe industry his entire life. One day, while fishing in the Madison River in Yellowstone, he spotted Bison in the distance and wondered why footwear was not being produced utilizing the American Bison Leather. After a year of research and development, Trask left his executive position at an athletic brand and officially launched HS Trask. The initial brand values remain true today with a central focus on authenticity, independence, premium materials, heirloom quality and an outdoor spirit.

IMG_7589Keira sandals. The only sandal I’ve worn since I got them. 

What’s currently inspiring you:
The Southwest region of the U.S. is particularly inspiring right now for its native American influences including artisan detailing, textural interest, and a rich earthy color palette. There are several global fashion trends rising now with emphasis on tribal prints and ethnic influences. I love the idea of incorporating these current trend influences through our unique American lens.

IMG_7586Heath loafers.

Anything new coming up with Trask you’d like to share:
We just finalized our S/S’15 collections and are currently in early conceptual stages for the A/W’15 season. The initial prototyping phase is my favorite part of the design process, concepts become three dimensional, everything becomes fresh and new again.

IMG_7645Haley woven sandal

Make sure to come back tomorrow for your chance to get a pair…

Map It Out

HuxterPhotographed in Jasper, GA

Raised in:
Spring, Texas

Lives in:
Jasper, Georgia

Next Southern summer adventure:
We’re heading to Junction, Texas for a 4th of July weekend including, but not limited to, a Stoney LaRue concert, family, fireworks and river floating.

Now would ya look at that:
Hands down my new favorite oxford by Huxter. The elbow patch is an antique map of Watch Hill, Rhode Island, where Huxter calls home, and I hope to visit someday. 


Shake That Mule


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we love Huckberry. So when the nice guys over there contacted us about teaming up for a little giveaway, we said “of course.” When they said they’d like it be part of the Drink This series, we liked them even more.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen The Mason Shaker. To be honest, I gave it a lot of flack when it came out. Being a part of the wedding industry has really burned me out on all things mason jars. But this 32oz shaker is pretty fun, I must admit. It’s a great addition to a fully stocked bar (if even just for asthetic), and a nice place to start for those in need of a shaker/strainer combo.

Shortly after I received it, I finally ordered a pair of copper Moscow Mule mugs and when they arrived, I needed to use them immediately…

I’m not much of a vodka fan for anything but Bloody’s and OJ, so I wanted to try a variation on the Moscow Mule. Below are the recipes to two great cocktails to mix up your “Mule” drinking. The first, a Gin-Gin Mule, I was introduced to by Imbibewho named it one of the 25 most influential cocktails of the past century in their May/June 2010 issue. The second, The Montauk Mule, I found in Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails.


The Gin-Gin Mule:

  • 6 mint sprigs
  • 1.5oz dry gin – we used Bombay
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup (1:1)
  • 3/4 oz ginger beer – we used Gosling’s

Gently muddle the mint leaves with lime juice and syrup in shaker.
Add the gin and ice and shake well.
Strain into cup filled with crushed ice and top with with ginger beer.
Garnish with lime wedge and mint sprig.

The Montauk Mule:
Shake uses “Shot” meausurements to make 2 drinks. We adjusted to ounces for 1 drink.

  • 2 mint sprigs
  • 2 oz vodka – we used Tito’s
  • 2 cubes cane sugar
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • Prosecco – we used Nino Franco

Muddle cane sugar and lime juice in shaker until sugar has mostly disolved.
Add vodka and ice and “shake vigourously for 10 seconds.”
Strain mixture into tumblers or Mule mugs if you’ve got ‘em, and top with Prosecco.
Garnish with mint sprig if desired.


Want one more reason why Huckberry is the greatest? They want to send one of you lucky folks a pretty ridiculous gift set.
What the winner will get…

Leave a comment below letting us know the highlight of your summer so far. We’ll pick a winner by random on July 1st around cocktail hour. Oh and also, you’ll get an extra entry if you Tweet the following:

I wanna shake, shake, shake a @Masonshaker! Ridiculous giveaway thanks to @Huckberry on @backdownsouth. http://tinyurl.com/ShaaaaaakeIt


Pop a Top

BottleOpener Everything This Land has on their site is just plain cool. Dedicated to telling artists stories, the array of products is a collection of classic pieces made with two hands. When I spent some time on the phone with founder Dan McCready, his passion for craftspeople and high quality was contagious. He kindly offered to send us one of the products that displays these things perfectly, and we gladly accepted. Created by renowned blacksmith Stephen Yusko, this Forged Steel Bottle Opener puts all other bottle openers to shame. After a year years of forging each bottle opener individually, he now has them cast in steel from an original forging of his. “This gaurentees that each opener has the precise angles needed to open a bottle perfectly every time. Once back from the foundry, I forge the handles, file, sand, bead-blast and finish each opener. After a final wax coating, they’re ready to be put to work…if you consider opening a bottle to be work!”

No doubt about it, this is a classic piece created by one of America’s finest blacksmiths. Get one here.

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