Tig in Nola

IMG_2224Photographed in New Orleans, LA

Raised in:
Spring, Texas

Lives in:
Houston, Texas

Favorite thing about your first visit to New Orleans:
The Black Drum we ate at Kingfish during a 4 hour meal with my Bestie.

Now would ya look at that:
My best friend Tig and I made a detour for a night in NOLA on her move from Atlanta to Houston. 



sheydra 002Photographed in Opelika, AL

Raised in:
Birmingham, Alabama
Lives in:
Physically in Atlanta, Georgia. Mentally in Paris.
Favorite spot in Opelika:
The Overall Company. Between studying for finals and going on first dates, this place holds a lot of college memories for me.
Now would ya look at that:

Lindsey Whitten

Rawson 405Photographed in Douglasville, GA

Raised in:
Columbus, Georgia
Lives in:
Peachtree City, Georgia
Favorite weekend getaway spot in the South:
Our family cabin at Lake Martin, Alabama. It’s my husband’s favorite place in the world and so I guess he rubbed off on me because when I think about the place where I feel the most relaxed and yet the most at home, it’s there. No agenda, great food and drinks and few activities besides moving from the dock to the boat to the dinner table…just peaceful, yummy and beautiful…
Tell everyone about Grammarcy (her full-service design print paperie):
Grammarcy is my first child. Born out of a love of weddings, it became a way for me to discover a style of my own and literally put it on paper. I work out of a home studio where I get to design and print everything from save the dates, birth announcements, wedding or shower invitations to cocktail napkins and koozies. I get to work with brides, mothers, industry professionals and lots in between. It daily allows me to be creative, be inspired and see new depths of God’s faithfulness to me all while allowing me to be at home with my greatest treasures (daughters Alice, Bess and Suzanna…and husband Baker too ;)
Now would ya look at that:


Grammarcy website | Grammarcy Instagram

7 IN 7 | ANDRE | DAY 7

Andre_Look7Photographed by Jamie Clayton in Boston, MA

You can shop anyones closet – who’s would it be:
Honestly, there are many fellow menswear bloggers that I’d happily raid closets of, but right now I’d say Bond, James Bond.

Now would ya look at that:


A huge thank you to André Mayo for participating in our first of the new 7 in 7 series! Lots of high fives, as always, to Jamie for the photos. Make sure to follow André’s blog, Mister Earl Grey!
His Instagram feed is pretty rad, too. 

7 IN 7 | ANDRE | DAY 6

Andre_Look6Photographed by Jamie Clayton in Boston, MA

You’ve been given a week off work and an unlimited budget to travel – where would you go:
Easily Europe. Put me anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Now would ya look at that:

7 IN 7 | ANDRE | DAY 5

Andre_Look5Photographed by Jamie Clayton in Boston, MA

Best meal you’ve had in the last year:
It’s very hard to play favorites, but my wife has cooked dishes this year that makes it hard to enjoy even the memory of eating out anywhere. She’s Italian decent and does delicious pasta. She’s also a born and raised New Englander who makes a killer New England Clam Chowder from scratch.

Now would ya look at that:

7 in 7 | ANDRE | DAY 4

Andre_Look4Photographed by Jamie Clayton in Boston, MA

What you’re listening to most this week:
My children. I’ve been listening to them mostly this week. But for music, I’ve heard this song non stop that my 2-year-old daughter keeps wanting played over and over. She loves it and raps along. It’s “Martinelli’s” by Wordsplayed featuring Andy Mineo.

Now would ya look at that: