Ann HollandPhotographed by Cody Bennett in Knoxville, TN

Raised in:
Homewood, Alabama

Lives in:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Last Southern vacation:
Beech Mountain, North Carolina. We stayed in an awesome cabin called The Bike and Bean, spent the days mountain biking and the nights in front of a bonfire. On the first day there my boyfriend of five years proposed to me on one of the bike trails!

Now would ya look at that:


beckerPhotographed in Stonewall, TX at Becker Vineyards

I snapped this while we were exploring the Texas wine country with last week.
Featured here…

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Merry early Christmas to y’all!


Stay tuned for more Christmas goodness coming here very, very soon…

Morgan, Part VI

morgan_bdsoctPhotographed in Athens, GA

Raised in:
New York, New York

Lives in:
Athens, Georgia

Favorite bar in Athens right now:
Seabear. Ryan is a master of his craft behind the bar.

Now would ya look at that:

Candice, Part V

candice_bdsoct-2Photographed in Athens, GA

Raised in:
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Lives in:
Athens, Georgia

Next Southern adventure:
Celebrating my gorgeous sister’s wedding at the Biltmore at the end of November and trying to stay classy and sober enough to give a MOH speech.

Now would ya look at that:

Bobby Eldridge


Meet Bobby Eldridge, head bartender at Chef Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South, and winner of the 2014 Taste of Atlanta Barcraft Competition. You can find the recipe for his winning cocktail, the Bali Hai, on Southern Living’s The Daily South. Two words – rum, Fernet. Cheers!


Christian Gideon

ChristianPhotographed in Savannah, GA

Raised in:
The Ozarks Region of Missouri

Lives in:
Springfield, Missouri

Favorite thing about traveling through the Southeast:
The area I grew up in isn’t necessarily considered the South but I’ve always seen it as the the gateway to it. We are a bit lazy with our vowels and “y’alls” are commonplace. I’m also a huge history buff – my ancestors came from Ireland in the 1760’s and landed in North Carolina and homesteaded in Tennessee before coming to southern Missouri in the 1860’s. I’ve always had a bit of family identity tied into the Southeast. Seeing those places I’ve read about in family history books only strengthened that identity.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Christian Gideon, an amazing photographer with a damn good heart.

Will + Salemtown Board Co.

WillPhotographed in Nashville, TN by Jamie Clayton
Mamiya 645, Portra 400

Raised in:
Melbourne, Florida

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Tell everyone about Salemtown Board Co:
Salemtown Board Co. started as an attempt to engage the young men of our neighborhood. After moving to Nashville I founded the company with a friend of mine who is a gifted artist, I grew up skating and surfing and had a background in woodworking so it was a natural fit. Today the company is run by myself and my younger brother. We have hired a few young guys from the community and are working with them through the college application process.

While we grew up in a beach town today we draw our inspiration from the forests and mountains of Tennessee. We are striving to create a brand that is authentically Nashville and make boards that exist as a part of everyone’s favorite weekend adventures.

When you started it:
We cut our first boards in October 2012 and launched a website on Thanksgiving of that year.

The mission:
Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible for people who need them while making skateboards that people love to ride.

Current favorite board:
I am a sucker for our pintail. It’s a classic shape and rides like a surfboard.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Will Anderson, owner of Salemtown Board Co.