EricaPhotographed in Nashville, TN by Jamie Clayton
Mamiya 645, Portra 400

Raised in:
Harvest, Alabama

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Favorite bar in Nashville:
The rotating cocktails at Holland House are always on point; however for dancing and a wide selection of regional beer on tap ACME is a new favorite.

Now would ya look at that:

  • Banana Republic blouse.
  • Necklace is family heirloom, a gift from her Great-Grandmother.
  • Elevenses by Anthropologie tapered trousers.
  • Rose gold with ruby engagement ring from Will Anderson.
  • Laser-cut oxfords found at Marshall’s.
  • Salemtown Board cruiser.


Caroline_FrontPorchPhotographed in Charlotte, TN by Jamie Clayton

Raised in:
Spring, Texas

Lives in:
Jasper, Georgia

Inspiration for soon-to-be Fall looks:
This photo of myself from 1996 that I found the other day mixed with this look from J.Crew. It’s going to be another denim on denim Fall for this girl.

Now would ya look at that:
Jamie snapped this of me at Front Porch Farms during Ben and Rachel’s wedding.

Front Porch

Jamie_FrontPorchPhotographed in Charlotte, TN

Raised in:
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Lives in:
Nashville, Tennessee

Current fashion inspiration:
Definitely my boys at Stitch-It & Co in Nashville. Stitch-It is the best tailor in the South. It is owned by my now close friend Jeff Loring. Billy Reid sends all of their alterations to Jeff. The fellas that work there have all become my close friends. Jeff and the guys who work there each have a unique style. I really love what Jeff does. One day he will rock a three piece bespoke suit looking super fresh, the next day he’ll have on some Chuck Taylors, camo pants from Old Navy and a vintage white linen shirt. His style is a fresh breath of air in the boots and jeans focused town of Nashville.

Now would ya look at that:
I can’t keep count of Jamie‘s appearances anymore, but this is one of my favorite looks so far. I shot this at Front Porch Farms while second shooting Ben and Rachel’s wedding with him.

Check out the shoot that Jamie did with Stitch-It & Co.
It’s full of incredibly inspiring menswear and of course, beautiful photography.



SouthernStyleIs 019Photographed in Atlanta, GA

Raised in:
Lawrenceville, Georgia.
My family roots are in Cuba. My grandparents came to the US in the 60’s but we have kept the culture alive…especially the food.

Lives in:
Atlanta, Geogia

Favorite spot in Atlanta right now:
Miso Izakaya. Guy Wong’s Japanese Gastro Pub has pulled at some heartstrings. There isn’t an item on the menu that I don’t obsess over (and the cocktails are just bangin’). I can’t get enough of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood and all that is happening now and in the months to come. 

Now would ya look at that:
Photographed for Southern Living’s “Southern Style Is…” story – see his feature here.

Southern Style Is…

JessSLPhotographed in Atlanta, GA

I had the privilege of teaming up with Jess Graves for Southern Living’s “Southern Style Is…” story (her feature here). She asked 10 Atlantans what sets Georgia style apart, and I took their photos.

Go give it a lookse. You may see some familiar faces, including yours truly

Jay, Part III

Sjoholm_Wedding_207Photographed in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Raised in:
Alpharetta, Georgia

Lives in:
Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite thing about Harbour Island:
It’s a contained slice of luxury in the middle of the Caribbean.

Wedding Getup Inspiration:
I wanted to do something that fit with the beach destination wedding theme, and I wanted to be comfortable. The royal blue jacket was an awesome find, as it reminded me of the color of the ocean in Harbour Island. The entire outfit was built around that.

Now would ya look at that:
Jay, who you should know by now as the man behind Red Clay Soul, on his wedding day.
See he and Lindsey’s perfect wedding here. We were honored to be a part of!

  • Brooks Brothers ‘Fitzgerald sport’ coat (similar). Lindsey surprised him with this embroided touch on the big day.  
  • Ledbury dress shirt. “I always opt for the slim fit versions of the Ledbury shirts, as the fit is spot on.  The royal twill version is such a luxurious fabric…it fit right in.”
  • Social Primer bow tie (detail). “We had the hardest time finding a bow tie that would work.  I wanted something to dress up the outfit, and when Cooper posted a picture of this upcoming design, I showed it to the future Mrs and got the OK. I called Cooper and ordered five immediately. There are roosters all over Harbour Island; they are the unofficial mascot.”
  • Sid Mashburn hem stitched pocket square.
  • Martin Dingman ‘Anthony’ belt. “I wanted to get my guys something really nice, so I got each of them this Anthony belt with an engraved buckle as a gift for being an attendant.”
  • J.Crew Ludlow Italian Chinos
  • ByPaige custom ‘JRS’ needlepoint loafers. “I went a little rogue here, and added some flare with these. I absolutely love them…not just for the wedding.”

True Value

FridayPhotographed in Harbour Island, Bahamas

Hey, it’s us! I think we can skip the whole “Raised In/Lives in/Random question” thing this time, yes?

There’s truly one reason why I wanted to share this photo, and it’s my dress. Yes, yes, it’s amazing, I know – that’s why I bought it. And you want to know where I bought it? At a True in the hardware store. Proving that you never know what sort of magic you can come upon at any moment in any location!

Oh and also, it was $15.


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