Southerners and Their Dogs

I’m so excited to finally announced a “pet project” by all definitions that Jess Graves and I have been working on for months…

Southerners and Their Dogs.

Tedo+Dogs 001Musician Tedo Stone, Conrad and Lady Bird 

FordFry_Dogs 002Chef and restauranteur Ford Fry, Shiloh and Boomer 

michael 002Chef Michael Gulotta and Cyrus 

Smith Hanes 003Designer Smith Hanes and Jack

This is a photo and writing project featuring the South’s most interesting men and women – chefs, musicians, writers, makers, designers, etc. – and their canine companions.

I’m so proud of the portraits we’ve created up to this point and there is so much more to come! We’ll continue to photograph, interview and update the site as we go (words by Jess, photos by me). Go check out the site for the collection thus far with photos and anecdotes by some of our favorite southernern fokls (some short, some long, some serious, some silly). And make sure to follow us on Instagram for more photos and outtakes!

Music Monday | Tedo Stone

My introduction to Tedo Stone was while photographing him during his performance of “To The Marshes” for The Love List Presents. I’m convinced that it very well may be one of the greatest ways to hear a musician for the first time. Enjoy a short interview with the crazy talented Tedo and don’t miss the video at the bottom.

TedoStone 002-2
TedoStone 008

TedoStone 003
TedoStone 007

Raised in:
Covington, Georgia

Lives in:
Atlanta, Georgia

What can people expect from your upcoming album:
Short, catchy songs with lots of crunchy guitars.

What’s most inspiring you right now:
I got Neil Young: Live at the Cellar Door record a few weeks ago. There’s something to be said about a song that can hold it’s own with just a guy and a guitar.

Current favorite song:
Captain Beefheart – “I’m Glad”

TedoStone 013-2

TedoStone 012

Now would ya look at that:
Tedo Stone in the Stave Room at American Sprit Works in Atlanta, GA.

 Filmed by Chris Bartelski & Michael ten Pas (The Reason I Love)

Mercedes O’Brien

MercedesPhotographed in Atlanta, GA

Raised in:
Army brat, so all over the U.S. I spent many years in Newnan, GA but consider Atlanta my home.

Lives in:
Atlanta, Georgia

Favorite cocktail on your current menu:
Tikicillin: Chamomile Scotch, lemon, Thai Syrup, Ginger beer concentrate, Yellow Chartreuse, Laphroaig, coconut.

Last drink you ordered:
50/50 Gin martini, 2 olives.

Now would ya look at that:
Meet Mercedes O’Brien, Cocktail Coordinator of Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow and Revival. She runs the cocktail program for Gunshow and consulted/built the menu for Revival. I snapped this while shooting the All-Girl Army: Atlanta’s Baddest Women Behind the Stick story for The Love List.


MII_7737BDSPhotographed on Harbour Island, Bahamas

Raised in:
Spring, Texas

Lives in:
Jasper, Georgia

Favorite meal from second visit to Harbour Island:
The winner is our final evening’s dinner at The Landing. Avocado, beet & Stone crab (with coconut almond butter & sunflower sprout) and goat cheese ravioli (with poached shrimp, tea soaked raisins, burnt butter and pine nuts), washed down with a few glasses of rosé. Second place goes to the lobster quesadillas for lunch at Sip Sip paired with their delicious passion fruit Sauvignon Blanc sangria.

Now would ya look at that:
My bestie Tig snapped this of me on our way to the dinner mentioned above.

Caleb Williams

CalebWilliamsPhotographed by in Knoxville, TN by Cody Bennett

Raised in:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Lives in:
Knoxville, Tennesee

Last concert you attended:
Needtobreathe and friends on the Tour de Compadres.

Now would ya look at that:

The 4th

JamieFlagPhotographed in Talking Rock, GA

Raised in:
Spartanburg, SC

Lives in:
Nashville, TN

Favorite place in America:
That’s a tough one. I’d probably say my dock at our home in Charleston but I also had my life changed when I went to Arches National Park in November.

Now would ya look at that:


AndrewHallPhotographed in Knoxville, TN by Cody Bennett

Raised in:
Knoxville, Tennessee

Lives in:
Miami, Florida

Favorite adventure you’ve been on this summer:
I recently completed my first year in residency and moved from Memphis to Miami to complete my final three years of Anesthesiology training. I’m looking forward to acclimating to the “Capitol of Latin America” and exploring the fun opportunities my new city has to offer. It is mighty different than Tennessee but will surely be doing my best down here to show everyone the charm of Tennesseans.

Now would ya look at that: