Sturdy Brothers


We love being introduced to solid products from the company themselves. I hadn’t even left the home page of Sturdy Brothers website before Ben and Spencer Young had me sold. They kindly reached out, told us a bit of their story, and put one of their beautiful products in my hands. I was blown away by c craftsmanship and loved the tag on it reading No:4/20. Batch:5. Crafted for: Caroline. Crafted date: 8/25/14.

Learn about their story from Ben Young and then take advantage of their gift to you!


Where y’all were raised and live now:
We were raised in small town Tifton, Georgia. Spencer went to school in Milledgeville while I spent a few years in Raleigh, NC. We now live in Thomasville, GA. Spencer is an owner at Grassroots Coffee Company in downtown, and together we run Sturdy Brothers.

Tell everyone about the company:
Our goal is to rekindle a spirit of American craftsmanship in the South. We are working to provide quality goods for the hardworking people who make America great – those who still get their hands dirty. We believe we are called to lead a quiet life and work hard with our hands. Sturdy Brothers is our humble acting on this calling.

What sets your products apart:
Spencer and I both feel passionately about supporting local, American made products. However, our country has made the move to support outsourcing and the importation of lesser quality products. We wanted to play a small part in rediscovering what our country was built on, what made America great in the first place. Building quality products. Our exploration in craftsmanship focuses on products made to last a lifetime. We have built them with our sweat and blood in hopes that they will be used by the remaining craftsmen and women in our country.

What inspires the line:
Our heritage. We have looked to our grandparents to design products that give tribute to their hardworking lives. We wanted to make our products the way they would have been made in their day. We sew on a couple 1930s Singer machines, hand cut leather, and hammer all of our rivets, because we still believe things ought to be made with care and passion.

What should we be looking out for in the future:
We have a couple awesome products that will be released in the coming months! Recently we have launched an online marketplace which features local Southern makers and a variety of awesome goods. We have a pop-up shop for the month of September in Thomasville where we are selling these products. Hopefully, with some hard work, this can become a more permanent location. Stay tuned, there is a lot more making to be had!

In this photo:

A gift for y’all from Sturdy Brothers:
Use code BKDWNSTH to get 10% off any Sturdy Brothers product!

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  • Drink This | Mai Tai


    Look, I’ve accepted that “summer is over,” it’s fine. I’m fine…

    But on our Cape San Glamp trip (post coming soon), I crushed Mai Tais. Classic, refreshing Mai Tais. And thus, I must share the recipe with y’all. So break out your rum and put down your PSL for just a minute to enjoy one of these babies.

    The Drink: Like most (proper) tiki drinks, the Mai Tai has a lot of ingredients. I slightly adapted from Imbibe and took a shortcut on the orgeat to make things a tad easier but still delicious. Orgeat is an almond syrup enhanced with a touch of flower water (rose and/or orange) and is an essential ingredient in a handful of tiki drinks. I came across Brooklyn based Orgeat Works and figured it was a great excuse to test out their products, so I got a bottle of their T’Orgeat. I was really impressed and will definitely be back for more.

    Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice.
    Shake it off like Taylor Swift and pour into a tiki mug (of course, not necessary, but highly recommended).
    Stick a straw in that bad boy and enjoy!

    The Mug: Ceramic tiki mug.

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  • Music Monday | Kim Churchill

    kim-churchill-4Photographed by James Looker

    The Mahogany Blog posted the first video below of Kim Churchill on Facebook with the words “Oh my, this guy.”

    I then spent the next few hours on YouTube watching every performance of his I could find.

    Oh my, this guy. Thank you again, Australia.

    And here’s another because I’m really good to y’all. From 4:17 on, my mind exploded a little…



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  • Garth


    Happy Garth Brooks day, Atlanta! Fingers crossed that he wears a shirt like this tonight.

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  • Will + Salemtown Board Co.

    WillPhotographed in Nashville, TN by Jamie Clayton
    Mamiya 645, Portra 400

    Raised in:
    Melbourne, Florida

    Lives in:
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Tell everyone about Salemtown Board Co:
    Salemtown Board Co. started as an attempt to engage the young men of our neighborhood. After moving to Nashville I founded the company with a friend of mine who is a gifted artist, I grew up skating and surfing and had a background in woodworking so it was a natural fit. Today the company is run by myself and my younger brother. We have hired a few young guys from the community and are working with them through the college application process.

    While we grew up in a beach town today we draw our inspiration from the forests and mountains of Tennessee. We are striving to create a brand that is authentically Nashville and make boards that exist as a part of everyone’s favorite weekend adventures.

    When you started it:
    We cut our first boards in October 2012 and launched a website on Thanksgiving of that year.

    The mission:
    Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible for people who need them while making skateboards that people love to ride.

    Current favorite board:
    I am a sucker for our pintail. It’s a classic shape and rides like a surfboard.

    Now would ya look at that:
    Meet Will Anderson, owner of Salemtown Board Co.

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  • Music Monday | Breen


    When a description of an artist is Sounds Like: Prince, The Weeknd, Frank OceanI’m sold.

    That’s how Indie Shuffle sold me on British newcomer Breen (Matt Lamb). That white guy R&B flow with a sexy falsetto – you know I love it so. He’s got that downtempo, electric, laid back soul vibe that makes me melt a little bit. Okay, a lot.

    Really looking forward to an album from this guy. For now, here’s his second single…

    Stream: “Make Sense”

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    iTunes | Spotify

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  • Royal Highnies


    Our great friend Bryan told us about Royal Highnies a few years ago, going on and on about how soft their boxers were. Shortly after, we came across some at Tweeds and he sure was right – these babies are soft! So when they reached out recently to let us know about their lounge pants and ladies shorts, we were all about partnering up for a post. Get learned and then enter for your chance to get some free goods…


    What inspired the start of Royal Highnies:
    It was simply a quest to make the best boxer short ever.

    Who came up with the best boxer name ever:
    Booper and Allison (Highnies Founders) + Heineken + Swimming Pool = Royal Highnies.

    What’s the magic behind how dang soft they are:
    We use the absolute finest 400 count Pima cotton. Building a house for the family jewels requires the best materials.

    Anything you can let us know about what’s to come with Royal Highnies:
    We are always adding new items to both our Mens and Womens collections, and we hope to expand our “Tiny Highnies” children’s line in the near future!


    Giveaway time, y’all!
    They’re giving away one pair of lounge pants for the guys and one pair of shorts for the girls.

    To enter, comment below with your favorite beverage to have while wearing pajamas.
    An extra entry will come your way if you like ‘em on Facebook.
    A winner will be announced on Thursday, September 18th.

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